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Western Toad locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Learn a few Western Toad locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.


The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled to the brim with creatures both big and small. But, if you’re planning on hunting one of each animal, or if you’re just looking to complete a daily challenge in Red Dead Online, then you’re going to want to learn the best locations to hunt for each of these animals. In this guide, we’ll focus on Western Toad locations in Red Dead Redemption 2’s massive open world.

Western Toad locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

If you’re looking to get your hands on some Western Toads, then you’ve got a few options available to you. Despite their name, these small amphibious creatures can be found all around the edge of the world, next to the water that surrounds the main portions of Red Dead Redemption 2’s landmass. Of course, there are always some areas that are better to look in than others, and we’ve outlined one of our favorite spots to hunt for Western Toads on the map below.

Western Toad locations - Red Dead Redemption 2
Search around this island area for Western Toads.

If you head to the small set of islands in the river that runs beneath the railroad bridge at Bard’s Crossing, you’ll find a small piece of land with several possible Western Toad spawns. This has proven a very useful hunting area for the small creatures, though they can be tricky to spot if you aren’t making use of your Eagle Eye ability. While you can hunt these small creatures with a Varmint Rifle, those looking to score a Perfect Western Toad will want to use the Bow and equip Small Game Arrows during their hunt.

You shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding two Western Toads hanging around on the islands near Bard’s Crossing, but if you do, you can always pop into a new lobby to trigger another set of spawns. Personally, we’ve always come here to find our Western Toads, and this location has never let us down in the past. If you find it is a bit of a pain, though, you can also head to the large island area just west of Rhodes. Cross the water and then hunt for Western Toads throughout the landmass. This is also a great place to hunt for Cuban Land Crabs.

Western Toad in Red Dead Redemption 2
Western Toads are small creatures, so make use of your Eagle Eye to spot them more easily.

Now that you know where to find Western Toad locations make sure you head back over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide for more great content.

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