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Tetris 99 patch adds new Team Battle Mode, 10th Maximus Cup announced

The latest Tetris 99 patch brings players a brand-new mode, as well as prepares to kick off the 10th Tetris Maximus Cup.


Fans of the Tetris battle royale experience that took over earlier this year with Tetris 99’s release will be pleased to know that Nintendo has once more expanded the scope of the fast-paced puzzle game. Now, instead of only being able to play against 99 others, players will be able to set up teams and take on other squads in the new Team Battle Mode.

The new update also added a new password-based matchmaking feature, which Nintendo believes will help make finding friends and creating private matches much easier for those trying to show off their prowess among their friends. According to the news release from Nintendo, Team Battle Mode will allow players to choose their favorite of four teams at the start of each match. Since Nintendo isn’t setting any kind of team limits—and some teams will no doubt end up smaller than others—the game will reward smaller teams with boosts to help keep things fairly balanced throughout the experience.

Team Battle Mode allows you to choose between four teams

On top of the new mode, though, Nintendo also announced that the Tetri 99 10th Maximus Cup will run from 11 PM PT on December 12 to 10:59 PM PT on December 16, giving all Nintendo Switch Online members a chance to dive in and show off their Tetris skills. Points will be rewarded based on placements during each match, and the top 999 players at the end of the event will each win 999 Gold Points that can then be used to help them purchase more games from the Nintendo eShop. Furthermore, the new Team Battle Mode will be available during the Maximus Cup, bringing a new challenge to the event’s lineup.

You can read more about the update in the original Nintendo news post, or head back over to our Tetris 99 hub for even more info about the game. What do you think about the new Team Battle Mode? Are you excited to dive in and try it out with your friends? Let us know in the Chatty comments below!

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