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Supermash will mash up video game genres in May 2020

Supermash will let players select two classic genres from a catalog and mash them together in May 2020.


One of the cooler reveals at today's Nintendo Indie World livestream was Supermash, a game from Digital Continue that let's players pick two game genres from a catalog and mash them together to create something truly unique. 

As described in its nearly one-minute long trailer, Supermash is a game that makes games. That might sound odd, but the idea is quite refreshing. Players will be able to browse from a list of classic video game genres in order to mash two of them together, creating a unique game within the game. Some genres are bound to work better together than other combinations, and it's safe to assume players will come up with both classic combos, as well as a few mashups that should be forgotten for all of time.

Among the genres spotted in the trailer were the following:

  • Platformer
  • Stealth
  • Action Adventure
  • Shoot 'em Up
  • JRPG
  • Metrovania

As one would expect, Supermash will allow players to save their favorite games, then share the codes with their friends so they can try. As players complete mashes they'll earn Dev Cards, which can then be used to further customize the games and add in a few twists.

Supermash is expected to launch in May 2020 on the Nintendo Switch. As more information is revealed, we'll be sure to pass it along. Be sure to bookmark and check in with our video game release dates 2020 guide. You'll want to reference that to see what games should be on your radar from month to month.


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