Is Forge in Halo: Reach on PC?

Learn whether Halo: Reach's excellent Forge mode has made its way to PC with the Master Chief Collection.


Forge has always been an extremely popular mode ever since it was first introduced. And now with Halo: Reach on PC, players want to know if Forge has made it across to the new platform. For those hoping to get in and start making maps at launch, we’ve got some bad news – followed by some good news!

Is Forge in Halo: Reach on PC?

Unfortunately, Halo: Reach did not launch with Forge on PC. This means you will not be jumping in and designing your own experiences right away. That’s the bad news, but as promised there is good news. Thankfully, Forge is coming to Halo: Reach on PC, it’s just not ready yet.

halo reach forge pc
Halo: Reach will be receiving Forge on PC in 2020.

According to the official Halo website, Forge (and Theater mode), are coming to Halo: Reach some time next year. The reason given is that “Forge and Theater require a lot of heaving lifting to make functional and feel good on PC”.

While this is surely disappointing for players that were hoping to design maps and game modes at launch, at least the mode is still coming and hasn’t been scrapped.

In saying all of this, there are some reports out there that players are getting their hands on Forge early. This involves downloading certain programs and tinkering with files. Depending on your level of skill when it comes to dealing with this sort of thing, it could be worth waiting. However, if you’re the sort of person who wants to dive in and give it a shot, Windows Central has a big write-up on how to access Forge early.

Despite the fact Forge isn’t available in Halo: Reach at the moment, it’s good that it’s still being worked on. Players can expect to see Forge come to Halo: Reach in early 2020. The alternative to this is using some tricky methods to access the unfinished build of Forge, which definitely isn’t for everyone.

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