Monster Hunter World Iceborne gets two Horizon Zero Dawn quests in December

Exclusive to PlayStation 4, the new Horizon Zero Dawn Collaborative Quests will feature new armors, Palico gear, special weapons, and more.


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds fit so well thematically that the folks at Monster Hunter have been doing a series of collaborative quests to reward players with Horizon Zero Dawn-inspired gear. The first one is almost over, but two more are on the way, and they’re available for a limited time throughout December 2019.

The Monster Hunter World dev team went into details on the new Horizon Zero Dawn Collaborative Quests in a Dev Diary video posted on December 4, 2019. The second and third Collaborative Quests are set to deliver special assignments that, when completed, will reward the player with special Horizon Zero Dawn gear, including new weapons, armor, Palico weapons and armor, guild cards options, and pendants. You can catch a full trailer breakdown of the rewards for each Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Collaborative Quest in the video below.

The second Collaborative Quest begins on December 13 and targets the newly added Stygian Zinogre. Players who hunt down this dragonblighted fiend in the special High Rank hunts will be able to secure rewards like the Adept Stormslinger light bowgun (upgraded from the regular Stormslinger in the first Collaborative Quest), Shield-Weaver+ armor set, Forgefire and Frostclaw Palico weapons and armor, and Frozen Wilds guild card poses, titles, and backgrounds.

Meanwhile, the third Collaborative Quest kicks off on December 27. Its target will be the infamously ruthless Savage Deviljho. For taking part in the High Rank hunts associated with this third Quest, players will be able to upgrade Aloy’s War Bow from an earlier collaboration into Aloy’s Adept War Bow, alongside new Banuk armor sets, Master Rank Felyne Watcher and Watcher Grinder Palico armor and weapons, and new pendants.

Unfortunately, the new Collaborative Quests will be PlayStation 4 exclusive for the time being and, due to the fact that they’re limited-time quests, it’s doubtful they’ll appear on other platforms. Even so, it’s a lot of new goodies for both Monster Hunter and Horizon Zero Dawn fans, so get ready to get hunting through the month of December!

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