Hitman 2 December roadmap decks the halls with holiday content

Hitman 2 is putting the "ho, ho, ho" in homicide with its latest content update described in its December roadmap.


Hitman fans, there's about to be much rejoicing. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive are giving you a fantastic holiday gift.

The Hitman 2 December 2019 Roadmap is rife with plenty of free content, such as the return of both the Snow Festival and Holiday Hoarders events. If you complete the Holiday Hoarders Paris mission, you'll even get an appropriately Christmasy gift: a Santa 47 Suit. Complete the Snow Festival mission in Hokkaido, and you'll get the Snow Festival Suit and Ice Pick.

There's a ton of gifts to open up throughout the rest of the month for eager fans, and you can find a complete list below:

  • The Truman Convention Escalation Contract in Santa Fortuna (Colombia) – Available Dec. 5
  • The Raaz Algorithm Escalation Contract in Mumbai (India) – Available Dec. 5
  • The Chef Legacy Elusive Target in Paris (France) – Available Dec. 6-16
  • 12 Days of Contracts Community Curated Contracts – Available Dec. 12
  • The Han Encasement Escalation Contract in Mumbai (India) – Available Dec. 12
  • Holiday Hoarders Seasonal Event in Paris (France) – Available Dec. 17
  • Snow Festival Seasonal Event in Hokkaido (Japan) – Available Dec. 17
  • The Rafael Misadventure Escalation Contract in Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic) – Available Dec. 17
  • The Kotti Paradigm Legacy Escalation Contract in Paris (France) – Available Dec. 17
  • IO Interactive’s Monthly Hitman 2 Livestream on Twitch – Dec. 17
  • The Stowaway Legacy Elusive Target in Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic) – Available Dec. 20 through Jan. 6

Just when the bad guys thought it was safe to creep around like total jerks, Agent 47 is back at it again in a big way. And you'll be able to tackle all of this cool stuff for free!

Not convinced you want to jump in? Kevin Tucker reviewed Hitman 2's base game at Shacknews and awarded it a 9 out of 10. Here's what he had to say about it:

"Through all of the complex machinations and staggering amount of opportunities within its levels, Hitman 2 manages to be a game with one surprisingly simple demand: think things through. As it is in life, perception and consideration go a very long way here, and players who are willing to put in the proper amount of time and effort will see just how perplexing, engaging, and rewarding stealth action games can be."

Time to get down and dirty in-game if you haven't yet! Looks like you'll have plenty to keep you busy this holiday season. 

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