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Unboxing & Review: Evil Controllers Master Mod

We take a look at what you get when ordering a top-tier custom Xbox One pad from Evil Controllers.


Most players will spend the entire useful life of their console or gaming PC using the standard controllers that were bundled. While these gamepads are of acceptable quality, there are companies that modify and enhance these controllers to offer a custom look or modifications that will make a real difference in gameplay. One such company is Evil Controllers. Formed back in 2007, the company specializes in custom gamepads for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. They currently offer a wide range of modifications and customizations to the standard pads like paint jobs, adjustable macros, and even increased accessibility for users who cannot easily use a standard gamepad.

The folks over at Evil Controllers sent over one of their Master Mod Xbox One X gamepads for me to review. This model offers a glossy purple paint job and a number of modifications that make it stand out versus a regular Xbox gamepad.

Gamers interested in acquiring an Evil Controllers gamepad can visit their website. If you opt for a Master Mod series pad, you’ll be able to fully customize the build to your exact specifications using their online controller building tool. The model sent to me comes with modified thumbsticks. These sticks have a rounded top, much like you’d get on a DualShock 4 rather than the concave stick toppers that are standard on the Xbox One S pad. The package also included some additional control stick toppers, should you want to extend their length or try a different feel for your thumbs. The resistance of the sticks can also be customized, where adding additional weight can offer more precise aiming.

The Master Mod pad I was sent also came with modified triggers. These tactile triggers make playing FPS games much easier as they activate after only 2mm of travel, allowing players to get off more shots in a shorter amount of time versus using the standard triggers that must be fully depressed to activate. Evil offers similar customization for face buttons, the d-pad, and shoulder buttons. Using their website, you can build a pad that is perfect for Call of Duty or one that excels at racing games. The choice is yours.

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