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Owl location in Red Dead Redemption 2

Finding an Owl location in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be troublesome, but we've got a spot that should work for all players.


Finding an Owl location is difficult in Red Dead Redemption 2. Owls are one of the rarest creatures in the game, and their feathers are required for some crafting. There are reports of solid Owl spawns, but the best one isn’t accessible until after the completion of the main story arc. However, this spot I’ve found is as good as you’ll find.

Owl location

One place that I have consistently seen Owls in Red Dead Redemption 2 is Emerald Ranch, just over the big barn where the Fence location is. The Owl can actually be on the barn, but the sky above is a good place to find one. The thing to remember is that Owls are nocturnal, so you won’t spot them during the day. This is to your benefit, as 90 percent of the birds in the game don’t appear in the sky during the night. If you see a bird in the sky at night, there’s a decent chance it’s an Owl.

To find an Owl, head to the field just outside the barn at Emerald Ranch. Deploy your camp, which should be within a stone’s throw of the barn, then sleep until evening. You’ll need to wait a bit, but from about 10 p.m. until about 4 a.m. you should have a decent shot at seeing an Owl. Just sit on your horse with your Varmint Rifle out, keeping your eyes on the sky. You can ride around the area a bit as Owls can show up  in the surrounding fields, but I continue to return to the barn. Using this method, I’ve been able to hunt one Owl per night at least.

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