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Borderlands 3 gets free weekend to go along with first raid

Looking to jump into Borderlands 3 for the first time? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners are getting their chance, just in time for the game's first raid.


It's been an exciting week for Borderlands 3 players. 2K Games and Gearbox unveiled the game's first campaign DLC, which is starting to build buzz for the looter shooter all over again. But what if you don't own the game yet and need to start from scratch? This weekend is going to provide a valuable chance for Borderlands enthusiasts to get a jump start on their adventure with the game's first free weekend.

There are no limits for the first Borderlands 3 Free Play Weekend. The full game is open to all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners right now. It'll run until November 24 at 11:59PM PT for Xbox One owners and until November 25 at 9AM PT for PlayStation 4 users. This is the standard version of the game, so be sure to find your free trial located on your respective console's storefront. The Borderlands 3 website has all the pertinent times for users in different regions.

This all comes in the wake of Gearbox deploying Borderlands 3's Patch 4. The new user experience is getting a little bit better with an expansion to 20 bank slots to start the game. Players can also find new loot pools for bosses, along with new vending machines across the game and new balance tweaks for the end game.

But that's not the biggest draw for Patch 4. The most eye-opening addition is an all-new raid. Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite will see Vault Hunters set out to destroy a top-secret weapon. Only the baddest level 50 players will dare to take this challenge. Not only is difficulty crushingly high, but respawns are disabled for the entirety of the raid, with the exception of a sole checkpoint after the Valkyrie Squad. There's a lot to soak in, so check out the most recent patch notes for more information.

Those who want to continue their Borderlands 3 adventure beyond the free weekend will get a chance to pick the game up on sale from now through Black Friday. The console storefronts have the game on sale, with PC retailers slowly picking up the slack. If you do decide to jump into Borderlands 3, be sure to check out our full guide and walkthrough.

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