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PUBG update 5.2 launches on PC, bringing Spike Traps & Vikendi overhaul

The latest update to PUBG's 5th season is live on PC, bringing a massive map overhaul and some vehicle wrecking new gear.


The fifth season of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is cooking with gas as it continues into its second major update. Now live on PC, PUBG update 5.2 brings players the new Spike Traps gear to set ambushes for road warriors. We also get an all-new Vikendi map full of twists and turns to allow for better strategy.

PUBG update 5.2 launched on November 20, 2019. Just on PC for the time being, the Spike Traps and Vikendi overhaul were the stars of this particular update. The Spike Traps are a single-use item that are meant to spawn as much as other throwables in the game. When thrown, they will destroy the tires on any vehicle that drives over them, though it won’t damage the vehicle itself. The Spike Traps are perfect for laying down on the roads of any map and setting up to get the drop on unwary players. You can get a brief look at the Spike Traps in action in PUBG’s Season 5 trailer below.

Vikendi also took a massive new facelift in this launch. Prime locations were shifted, loot tables were changed, terrain gained some variance, and plenty more. The primary goal here according to PUBG devs was to boost the possibilities of long-range combat and allow for better sniper duels in Vikendi. That said, there’s plenty of new roads, buildings, and terrain shifts to allow any player to move and battle more strategically across the snowy Vikendi landscape.

Plenty of other changes also came to PUBG 5.2. Be sure to check out our full update 5.2 patch notes breakdown and check out further new additions like auto-equipping attachments, Commander features, and plenty more.
Are you excited to play with the Spike Traps or take on the all-new Vikendi? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment section below.

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