Stim canister locations in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Unlock more stim canisters so you can heal more often in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


Stim canisters are the way you heal yourself in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. At the start of the game, you only have two, which can prove to be challenging as the enemies get tougher. Thankfully, there are several stim canister locations hidden around the worlds, increasing the number of times you can heal yourself.

Stim canister locations

Each stim canister is locked away in a golden chest. These chests are often hidden in hard to reach locations that may require some late-game Force abilities.

Stim canister 1

stim health location star wars jedi fallen order
One of the first stim canisters can be found on Bogano, right at the start of the game.

This stim canister is found on Bogano in the Subterranean Refuge. From the landing pad, go left and jump across to the far left area. Move along this area and drop down a hole in the middle of a funnel-like structure. The golden chest will be on your left.

Stim canister 2

where to find stim canisters star wars jedi fallen order
You will need to have Force push in order to unlock this stim canister.

Another stim canister is found directly below the landing zone on Bogano. This stim canister is locked behind a physics puzzle where you must get the ball into the socket. You will need, at minimum, the Force Push ability. You must push the ball toward the left side with the chest and then push it along the ramp toward the socket. This might take a while.

Stim canister 3

stim canister locations star wars jedi fallen order
When you first fight the Skazz, take a right and head into the cave. Follow the left path around to where the golden box is.

To find this stim canister, head to Zeffo and follow the main path to where you first encounter the Skazz rats. Locate the cave on the right-hand side, go in and then immediately turn left. Follow this path around to the golden chest.

Stim canister 4

stim canisters jedi fallen order
After getting the water breather, swim to the next area with the bouncy flowers. Bounce up and turn around to see more flowers leading to the golden chest.

Another stim canister can be found on Kashyyyk after receiving the underwater breathing device. Swim toward the next area where you must use a flower to bounce up to the next level. Instead of going straight, turn around and use the three flowers to bounce up to the branches. The golden box with the stim canister is up high.

Stim canister 5

stim canister star wars
This is one of the last golden chests and stim canisters you will find in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. You will need double-jump, as well as Force pull and push to get this one.

One of the last stim canisters can be found on Zeffo, in the Venator Wreckage. This is only available after acquiring the double-jump ability on Kashyyyk as part of the main story. Return to the Crash Site on Zeffo and head through the Venator Wreckage. This is a big dungeon-like area. At the end, there will be three chests with cosmetics and you will exit out onto a high cliff. Turn left and jump down the cliff to the chest to find the stim canister.

Now that you’ve unlocked all the stim canisters, you should have no trouble with some of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s tougher boss fights. Keep in mind, you can always increase Cal’s health and healing capabilities by unlocking some of his other abilities!

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