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Minecraft Dungeons gets new gameplay, release date announced

Check out even more of Minecraft Dungeon's Diablo-esque gameplay with a brand-new demo shown off at X019.


X019 kicked off today with a ton of new trailers and announcements about upcoming games. During the excitement, though, Minecraft fans were given some love, as David Nisshagen, the Executive Producer on Minecraft Dungeons took to the stage to show off all-new gameplay from the dungeon crawler title, with Game Director Måns Olson and Senior Producer Nathan Rose joining him to show off a live demo of the title. on top of showing off the game, we also learned that Minecraft Dungeons will release next April.

Minecraft Dungeons, which had gameplay originally revealed earlier this year looks to take the Minecraft world and bring it into an isometric experience. It’s an intriguing idea, and one that could pay off in the end for Microsoft and Minecraft fans alike. If you’re interested in checking out the new gameplay from Inside Xbox for yourself, then we’ve embedded the video above.

We had a chance to go hands-on with Minecraft Dungeons back at E3, and Ozzie Mejia wrote, “Minecraft Dungeons very much aims to be a simpler version of the great dungeon crawlers of the past. There's a traditional top-down overhead view, traditional movement, the usual goodies hidden inside breakable pottery, and consumable resources, such as arrows. Each dungeon is filled with the usual assortment of Minecraft enemy mobs, like spiders, Creepers, and skeletons. They also had their share of higher-end foes, like Endermen, which offered a visual static effect on the screen whenever they'd appear. Mini-bosses are also lurking about, with Necromancers summoning mobs out of the aether to attack.” For more on Minecraft Dungeons, you can check out our E3 2019 preview right here.

Minecraft Dungeons

Whether you’re a dungeon crawler fan or not, it’s cool to see Minecraft branching out into different genres. While the franchise might not feature the most advanced graphics ever, the simple, blocky design really resonates with many players, and those looking for a simplified dungeon crawler could have a new home when Minecraft Dungeons drops in April 2020.

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