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Evening Reading - November 13, 2019 - ThomW Day

It's time for your ThomW Day Edition of Evening Reading, Shacknews. Check it out!


Hey Shacknews, it's time for your Special ThomW Day Edition of Evening Reading. Let's officially close out our day of posting. Please take a look.

It's still ThomW Day, Shacknews!

Happy Birthday, Thom!
Happy Birthday, Thom!

How did you celebrate ThomW Day, Shackers?

John Carmack steps down as full-time CTO at Oculus

Carmack says he wishes to work in the AI field.
Carmack says he wishes to work in the AI field.

Here's the text of his message that he posted to Facebook:

Starting this week, I'm moving to a "Consulting CTO" position at Oculus. I still have a voice in development work, but it will only be consuming a modest slice of my time. As for what I am going to be doing with the rest of my time: When I think back over everything I have done across games, aerospace, and VR, I have always felt I had at least a vague "line of sight" to the solutions, even if they were unconventional or unproven. I have sometimes wondered how I would fare with a problem where the solution isn't really in sight. I decided that I should give it a try before I get too old.

I'm going to work on artificial general intelligence.

I think it is possible, enormously valuable, and that I have a non-negligible chance of making a difference there, so by a Pascal's Mugging sort of logic, I should be working on it. For the time being at least, I am going to be going about it "Victorian Gentleman Scientist" style, pursuing my inquiries from home, and drafting my son into the work.

Runner up for the next project was cost effective nuclear fission reactors, which wouldn't have been as suitable for that style of work.

Jeff "Overwatch" Kaplan wants blitzchung's ban "reduced more or eliminated" 

Blitzchung was disciplined for saying,
Blitzchung was disciplined for saying, "Liberate Hong Kong! Revolution of our age." during a Hearthstone post-game interview.

Jeff Kaplan, from Blizzard's Overwatch team, told The Washington Post that "I'm, a huge supporter of free speech; it's something that's very important to me. It got to me personally. I think the punishment was too harsh and I was greatly relieved when they gave his money back. I think that was extremely important."

Aaron Linde's Monster Energy Death Stranding rant is perfect

This stuff tastes like crap.
This stuff tastes like crap.

This tweet thread from Aaron is *chef kiss* perfection:

Death Stranding deals with a lot of really out-there themes and ideas but the one that I have the most trouble buying into is the idea that anybody could drink a can of Monster without shouting "that tastes like the piss of a God of Batteries"

Like a death-sensing jar baby is a stretch but nobody ever drank Monster and said "that's good" Nobody EVER

I remember Monster giving out cans at GDC years and years ago and people taking one sip and, in one fluid motion, throwing that sh*t *directly* into the garbage

(Also: holy sh*t I'm really really really loving Death Stranding. I had no idea how badly I wanted a game that made traversal so involved and so meaningful. It fosters the most intimate connection to a physical landscape as I've ever experienced in an open world game.)

It's an awesome feeling to look out on a crushingly gorgeous vista with bananas scale and have to really think about how I'm getting from A to B.

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

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"Happy Birthday, ThomW!" - Lola

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