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Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga hears a Whisper in the Dark next week

After a chilling prologue, Guild Wars 2 is set to launch The Icebrood Saga proper with Episode 1: Whisper in the Dark next week.


Guild Wars 2 has ventured into the frosty mountains in order to continue its Living World storyline. After an epic prologue that helped establish The Living World's new status quo, the first episode of The Icebrood Saga is now set to begin. On Tuesday, ArenaNet revealed some more information on what to expect from this chilling first episode, Whisper in the Dark, including a new trailer.

After receiving a distress call from Almorra Soulkeeper, players must now journey into the Northern Shiverpeaks. But upon reaching Adora's Keep, players will quickly discover that violence has already broken out and many are dead. Players will look to continue their hunt for charr Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer, who's on a mad quest to awaken Elder Dragon Jormag. Along the way, they'll explore new areas and follow the ominous voices of the winds.

Along with the new narrative content, Whisper in the Dark will also lead to some new content. This includes an all-new map called the Bjora Marches, a sub-zero wasteland blanketed with constant blizzards and dangerous creatures. Players will have a pair of new Masteries to help them through. Raven Attunement will allow players to shield themselves and access new areas, while Essence Manipulation will work in combat to help exploit enemy weaknesses. New upgradable Ancient Boreal weapons will also be available, for those looking to make an impact against the mountainous region's dangerous monsters. And players can also take part in new Strike Missions, which will rotate on a weekly basis. Team up with other Guild Wars 2 users to take down giant abominations, each of which will offer their own rewards.

Guild Wars 2 - Strike missions

Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga - Whisper in the Dark is set to begin next Tuesday, November 19. For those who are looking to prepare for the journey ahead, make time to grab a sandwich.

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