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How to unlock new titles in Death Stranding

Rise through the ranks as you complete new deliveries throughout the game, and you'll see new titles coming your way.


Most of the time as you play through Death Stranding, you'll be making deliveries for clients across the burgeoning United Cities of America. As you work to get each individual connected to the chiral network, you'll earn points and rankings for delivering all of your cargo. 

However, as you go along, you'll soon discover that there are various titles handed out for players who consistently do well at ensuring their cargo reaches its destination safely and quickly. Here's how to earn new titles in Death Stranding. 

How to unlock titles in Death Stranding

The key to unlocking titles is basically by completing deliveries. You don't have to do anything particularly special – delivering cargo is your biggest concern. Take on key orders for Sam, pick up lost items and deliver them, and do side missions to earn additional experience and points.

Every time you finish up an order, Sam's performance will be ranked. Your ranking depends on how well you did across several metrics, such as how quickly it took you to get to the target location, what kind of condition the cargo was in, and whether you delivered all the required cargo, of course. As you consistently earn high ranks and praise from the individuals you deliver to (and form bonds with them), you'll see your title change over time. 

As you rank up your Porter Grade and earn new titles, you'll also increase your carry weight, giving you additional incentives to continue delivering items in a safe and timely fashion. Just pretend you're working for FedEx, the kind that doesn't lose packages or throw them at the door without ringing a doorbell and sprinting away into the shadows. It's all about keeping your customers happy, after all. 

So, in a nutshell, want to increase your Porter Grade significantly and earn titles along the way? The best way to do so is continuing to complete orders in an expedient manner befitting of a perfectionist. That, and earning 5-star rankings from clients. It's not so difficult, you see – just do an excellent job at transporting cargo!

Read up on how to earn titles as you play through the game? Now it's time for you to head back over to our Death Stranding guide for additional articles, guides, and videos to help you reconnect America. Remember, everyone is counting on you! 

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