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How to heal BB autotoxemia in Death Stranding

Learn everything you need to know to heal BB autotoxemia and heal BB in Death Stranding.


As you explore the world in Death Stranding, encountering enemies, Timefalls, and of course BTs, you’re going to find that over time your BB pod becomes sick with something called autotoxemia. You’ll learn about this sickness early on, and when it sets in, you’ll want to do everything you can to heal BB of autotoxemia as quickly as possible.

How to heal BB autotoxemia in Death Stranding

When BB autotoxemia sets in, players will find that BB becomes much more difficult to deal with. This can often lead to outburst which require you to soothe the baby in the pod, as well as just an overall inability to use it to pick up on where BTs are. This can cause a ton of problems for Sam as he navigates the Timefall ridden areas of the world, so knowing how to heal autotoxemia will be a key bit of knowledge for players.

Death Stranding - BB autotoxemi
BB autotoxemia is a condition set onto your Bridge Baby after it has been exposed to BTs and other incidents too much.

Unfortunately, there’s no real way to heal BB’s autotoxemia than to just return to the nearest hub with a Private Room and then rest. Your Private Room is perfect for refilling your Canteen, or even learning how to bathe, which are things you can do while you wait for BB’s health and toxicity levels to return to normal.

There isn’t anything special you need to worry about to heal BB’s autotoxemia, so just head down into the Private Room and wait for Sam to rest. After he awakens, you’ll find that BB’s levels have return to normal, allowing you to continue along your way. Remember to keep an eye out on the meter in the bottom left-hand of your screen while out exploring and stop by a room anytime that meter gets too low, just to ensure you don’t ever end up in a rough situation where BB becomes useless due to autotoxemia.

Now that you know how to heal BB autotoxemia, make sure you head back over to our Death Stranding guide for more help as you embark upon Sam’s long journey.

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