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How to pose for photos at the mirror in Death Stranding

Strike a pose as Sam Porter Bridges in the middle of his private room for a few fun laughs.


Sam Porter Bridges' journey in Death Stranding is more than austere looks, tough terrain to navigate, and endless story revelations. There's time for some fun too, like posing for photos at the mirror in Sam's private rooms and making some truly hilarious faces.

It's one of the best ways to bring some levity into what can be a series of very difficult story beats. The best news is that you don't need to unlock this privilege, either. It's available very early, and it should put a smile on your face...and funnily enough, Sam's too. 

How to pose for photos at the mirror in Death Stranding

Lookin' good, Sam!
Lookin' good, Sam!

First, you need to make sure you're hanging out in any private room in-game. Once you've traveled to one and have plenty of free time to let Sam chill out on his cot, you need only look toward his left (your right) in the room and press the square button.

Sam will get up and walk over to his mirror, then examine himself (and whatever he's wearing.) If you've decked him out in fun accessories, he'll check out his reflection and stand around until he decides it's time to pack it up and go do something else.

While standing at the mirror, you can point the left analog stick in the direction of your choice to get Sam to strike a pose. He'll perform a variety of different expressions, including the "finger guns" pose similar to that which you might recognize as Revolver Ocelot's signature move. The game will "snap" a photo as Sam poses in the mirror. It's simple to do, and Sam is hilariously charismatic to watch and observe. 

You can't do anything with these photos, but they will show up for a moment so you can admire your handiwork and Sam looking positively goofy, whether he's mid-shake of his head or clad in an ugly bright red Bridges hat and Ludens glasses.

With the knowledge of snapping photos at the mirror under your belt, be sure not to miss our complete Death Stranding strategy guide for more assistance. We’ve got tons of great content to help you navigate the world, decipher  what songs Sam can hum, and keep on keeping on. You want to be the best porter you possibly can, right?

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