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How to get more crafting materials in Death Stranding

Learn how to get your hands on more crafting materials like Resin, Ceramic, and Metals in Death Stranding.


There are several items that players can craft along their journey in Death Stranding. Whether you’re looking to build a Generator to charge up the batteries on your Reverse Trike or looking to build a bridge across a massive river, you’re going to need to know how to get your hands on more crafting materials. Luckily, this guide will provide all the details you need to know to ensure you have plenty of crafting mats whenever you need them.

How to get more crafting materials in Death Stranding

Crafting materials come in quite a few forms in Death Stranding. Items like Chiral Crystals, Resins, Metals, and Special Alloys are vital to your progression across America, as these items enable you to craft things using the Fabricator option at outposts, as well as the PCC, which you can use to craft roads and other things.

If you’re just looking to get your hands on more Resins, Metals, Special Alloys, or any crafting materials of that sort, you can often find containers of them out in the world. Scan the world using your Odradek by pressing R1 and then look out for any containers marked as the items that we’ve listed above. If you find them, add them to your cargo (if you have enough room for them) and then carry them to the nearest distribution center. You can then deposit the items directly into the distribution center to make use of them in the location’s Fabricator.

How to get more crafting mats - Death Stranding
Recycling is a great way to acquire more crafting materials.

If you’re looking to build something like a road, Generator, or some other large item, then you’re going to need to amass a good amount of these items, which you’ll need to carry on your back, or in vehicles. This is where having vehicles like the Reverse Trike can come in handy, though you won’t be able to freely spawn those until much later in the game.

Another easy way to acquire plenty of materials like Metals, Resins, etc. is to head to the nearest distribution point and look for the Claim Materials option on the menu. Here you’ll be able to see an entire catalog of the resources that the location has in storage. You can then use those items to Fabricate items, or you can withdraw them and use them in structures and the sort that you build with the PCC.

If you’re looking to get more Chiral Crystal, though, you’re going to want to head to areas where Timefall is prevalent. This will cause plenty of Chiral Crystal deposits to form along the ground. After a few hours into the game, you’ll be able to harvest these deposits using an item that you acquire throughout the story.

Now that you know how to gather more crafting materials, head back over to our complete Death Stranding guide for more in-depth information and assistance. 

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