How to manage your weight in Death Stranding

Learn how to utilize one of the most important systems in Death Stranding, so that you can manage your weight and keep from toppling over.


Managing your weight is an important aspect of Death Stranding, and as Sam delivers loads of packages across North America, you’re going to find yourself taking time to sort things through quite a bit. Thankfully, we can help with this, and this handy guide will teach you everything you need to know to manage your weight more effectively in Death Stranding.

How to manage your weight in Death Stranding

Players will have plenty of opportunities to manage their weight in Death Stranding. First, you’ll always get to choose where the cargo goes when you pick it up at distribution centers. You can also stop at any point and manage your weight directly from the pause menu on your Cufflinks, which makes it even easier to make sure your weight is always evenly distributed, especially if something happens and you lose a few packages or pick up a few pieces of lost cargo along the way.

Basically, to manage your weight, you’re going to want to make sure you’re distributing things evenly across your body. So, if you have items hanging from the arms or legs of your work suit, make sure you have equal items on each side. Otherwise, you’re going to end up toppling over to one side more during movement, which can often lead to Sam losing his balance completely and damaging the containers he’s carrying.

Death Stranding - Weight management screen
You can manage your cargo to ensure that the weight of the packages is evenly distributed around Sam's body.

Your back is your primary carrying area, though, and Sam’s backpack-like connector can hold an insane number of items. We’ve often found ourselves moving around with large piles of containers rising high above Sam’s head. This can be very precarious and is when movement with a vehicle will come in very handy. But, you won’t have access to those types of options until later on in the story.

If you find yourself struggling to stay upright, then you can also have the game automatically manage your weight and shift things around. To do this, press Triangle from the weight management screen. This will automatically move things around between the various points on your suit, leveling things out. Keep in mind, too, that some items might require you to have them held a specific way, which means keeping them on your back, instead of on the side of your suit.

Honestly, the automatic weight management system has proven to be a useful ally during our quest across America to reunite the cities of the world. It usually does a solid job of shifting things around to a manageable place, and the only time we’ve found ourselves falling over was when we went into water that was too deep to navigate, or inclines that were too steep to climb without assistance from ladders or climbing points.

Now that you know more about how to manage your weight, make sure you’re in the know with our complete Death Stranding strategy guide. We’ve got tons of great content to help you navigate the world and survive Timefalls, so be sure to check all that out.

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