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How to get Chocolate Strange Coins in Destiny 2

Chocolate Strange Coins are needed if Guardians want to snag a 950 Auto Rifle from Eva Levante.


Festival of the Lost 2019 is upon us Guardians, which means more random crap to collect as we do what Guardians do best; murder things. This time out we’re looking for Chocolate Strange Coins so that we can buy Masks from everyone’s favorite grandmother figure, Eva Levante. At first glance Chocolate Strange Coins seem hard to come by, but they’re easy to come by if you know where to look.

How to get Chocolate Strange Coins

In order to earn any Chocolate Strange Coins in Destiny 2 Guardians must be wearing one of the Festival of the Lost masks. These can be picked up directly from Eva Levante. In fact, Eva Levante will sell one to Guardians on the cheap to get started, so that should be your first stop. With your Mask equipped, try a few of the following activities to earn Chocolate Strange Coins:

  • Weekly Festival Bounties: 5
  • Daily Festival Bounties: 2
  • Crucible Win: 4
  • Vanguard Strike: 5
  • Heroic Public Event: 2
  • Haunted Forest: Varied

It’s also important to understand why we’re collecting these Chocolate Strange Coins. Well, Eva Levante is selling an Auto Rifle called Braytech Werewolf, which drops at 950 and is already a Tier 10 Masterwork weapon. It will roll with static perks, including Zen Moment and Multikill Clip. Perks aside, though, most Guardians aren’t 950 yet so this is a major bump of Power to their Kinetic slot. In order to get the Braytech Werewolf, one must buy all five Masks that Eva Levante is selling, which will cost 150 Chocolate Strange Coins to pull off.

While the list above doesn’t list every source, it does cover the most common things Guardians will get into. We’ll keep adding to the list as we complete more activities and nail down the specifics, but you should also expect to receive Chocolate Strange Coins for Gambit, as well as Altars of Sorrow and even Vex Offensive. Just be sure to leave your mask on.

Now that you know how to get Chocolate Strange Coins in Destiny 2, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 guide. It’s got more than two years of content in it covering everything a Guardian would ever need to know.


Bill, who is also known as Rumpo, is a lifelong gamer and Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He is known for his guide writing and, unsettlingly enough, enjoys grinding out in-depth collectible articles. Tweet him @RumpoPlays if you have a question or comment about one of his guides.

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