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Eris Morn's Tiny Box of Raisins quest - Destiny 2

Deliver some candy to everyone around the Destiny 2 universe, starting with Eris Morn and her tiny box of raisins.


For Festival of the Lost this year, Destiny 2 players will receive a tiny box of raisins from Eris Morn. This box of dried fruit comes with its own mini quest. Players will need to venture all around the galaxy, killing bad guys and delivering candy.

Tiny Box of Raisins quest

Destiny 2 Tiny Box of Raisins

The Tiny Box of Raisins quest begins by visiting Eris Morn on the Moon. Speak with her during Festival of the Lost 2019 to receive a tiny box of raisins. Reading the description will give you an idea of where to go first: the Tangled Shore to speak with Spider.

Even Handed

Destiny 2 Even Handed

Offer the tiny box of raisins to Spider to receive the quest, Even Handed. To complete this quest, you must defeat 12 Fallen, Scorn, Hive, and Cabal around the Tangled Shore. Return to Spider when this is completed to get the Winged Chew.

Winged Chew

Go to Mars and speak with Ana Bray to hand over the Winged Chew.

Armed to the Teeth

Destiny 2 Armed to the Teeth

After giving Ana the Winged Chew, you will receive the quest, Armed to the Teeth. For this quest, you must defeat 10 enemies with Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons on Mars. Return to Ana after completing the quest to get a bar of Unchocolate.


Head to Io and give this bitter candy to Asher.


Destiny 2 Precisely

In exchange for the Unchocolate, Asher will give you the quest, Precisely. You must defeat 10 Vex and Taken on Io using precision kills. Return to Asher when this is done to receive a Piece of Celery.

Piece of Celery

Take the Piece of Celery to Brother Vance on Mercury.

In Your Element

Destiny 2 In Your Element

Brother Vance will give you the quest, In Your Element. For this mission, you must defeat 10 enemies on Mercury with each element type: Arc, Solar, and Void. Return to Brother Vance to get some Splice Drops.

Splice Drops

Take the Splice Drops to Failsafe on Nessus. She will offer you a quest for your trouble.

Touched by the Light

Destiny 2 Touched by the Light

Failsafe’s quest is called Touched by the Light. To complete this quest, you must defeat 5 Fallen, Vex, and Cabal with your abilities on Nessus. Once finished, speak with Failsafe again to get some Salted Sweets.

Salted Sweets

Devrim Kay on the EDZ might like these Salted Sweets. Take them to him to get another quest.

Foregone Conclusions

Destiny 2 Foregone Conclusions

Devrim will give you the mission, Foregone Conclusions. This mission tasks you with using Finishers to defeat 5 Fallen, Cabal and Taken on the EDZ. Speak with Devrim after you’ve done to get a Sour Engram.

Sour Engram

Take the Sour Engram to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City. She will offer up her own quest.

The Best of My Abilities

Destiny 2 The Best of My Abilities

In exchange for the Sour Engram, Petra will give you the quest, The Best of My Abilities. To complete this quest, defeat enemies using 5 Melee abilities, 5 Grenade abilities, and 10 Super abilities. This is finished quickly in the Blind Well, where some enemies drop buffs that recharge your abilities quickly. Return to Petra when you’re done.

Sugary Engram

Petra will give you a Sugary Engram, the perfect treat for Sloane on Titan.

Not in Our House

Destiny 2 Not in Our House

Sloane will give you a quest called, Not in Our House. This quest has you defeating enemies in the Solarium, Festering Halls, and Arboretum on Titan. These areas are found in the far right of the arcology. Return to Sloane when you’re finished to receive the Void Fizz.

Void Fizz

The final leg of the quest requires you to take the Void Fizz to the person where this all started: Eris Morn. Visit Eris and give her the Void Fizz candy.

The Dance of My People

Destiny 2 The Dance of My People

Eris, forever stoic, will appreciate the Void Fizz in her own way. In exchange for this, you will get one last task: The Dance of My People. Use your special race-specific dance while in front of Eris. Humans should do the City Dance, Awoken need to do the Graceful Dance, and Exos must do the Popping Dance.

Once you do this, you will receive a Toothbrush and a shader for your trouble. You can use the toothbrush and then discard it. However, the used toothbrush does say it might be used for something later. Might be worth throwing it in your Vault.

After finishing Eris Morn’s Tiny Box of Raisins quest, you can get back to the Festival of the Lost. Swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more tips on the spooky Halloween event!

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