Borderlands 3 October 24 update patch notes now available

Find out what the October 24 update for Borderlands 3 has to offer with a look at all the latest patch notes.


It's almost time for the Bloody Harvest event to kick off. Set to arrive later today, the newest update for Borderlands 3 brings the new event, as well as some other changes and fixes. If you're curious to see what all the Borderlands 3 October 24 update has to offer, then we've put together a list of all the patch notes below, so let's dive right in to see what's new.

Borderlands 3 October 24 update patch notes

As always, today's update is set to arrive sometime before 3 PM PT. When exactly, though, is unclear, so just look out for any update notifications as you're playing today. You'll know that the patch is live when the menu becomes spooky, marking the start of the new event. As far as updates go, this one is pretty hefty, bringing some much anticipated featured to console players like Mayhem Mode in True Vault Hunter Mode, as well as Photo Mode support, and the ECHOcast Twitch Extension. We've listed off the entirety of the patch notes below, but you can also view them on the original blog post.

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event coming soon
The latest update for Borderlands 3 will be available sometime today before 3 PM PT.


  • Fixed a report bug resulting in a crash while loading into maps
  • Fixed a reported audio crash bug
  • Fixed a reported crash that occurred for certain users when level transitioning immediately after throwing a longbow grenade
  • Fixed a reported rare crash that occurred for certain users after completing missions
  • Fixed a reported crash that occurred for certain users when swapping an equipped weapon
  • Fixed a reported crash that occurred for certain users when sorting the Mission Log by region


  • [Consoles Only] Mayhem mode is now available in True Vault Hunter Mode on Consoles
  • [Consoles Only] Added Photo Mode support for Consoles
  • [Consoles Only] Added ECHOcast Twitch Extension support for Consoles
  • Added new Vault Hunter customizations and trinkets
  • Added ability to specify Mayhem Mode while matchmaking
  • Adjusted the volume of the 2K and Gearbox logo intro movies
  • Addressed reported concern where some players were missing skill points
  • Updated gore stump textures for consistency
  • [PC Only] Improved reliability of the voice chat system when open and closing the ECHO menu on PC
  • [PC Only] Added a modification so typing in text chat no longer prevents players from fast travelling
  • Singularity grenades will no longer cause Saurian corpses to float in the air after dying
  • Addressed a reported concern that certain players experienced some Visual FX for the side mission "Transaction Packed" before accepting the mission
  • Addressed a reported concern that some players experienced Brick getting stuck after chasing enemies off the cliff near Hector's Lament in The Anvil
  • Made a modification where Amber Lamps no longer has a chance to spawn during the "Defend BALEX" objective of "The Family Jewel" mission
  • Addressed a reported concern with the Legendary grenade mod Quasar, where it was not counting towards the optional grenade kills objective in Slaughter maps
  • [PS4 Only] Addressed a language code issue present in PS4 activity feeds for English
  • Addressed a reported concern where users with their region set to Japan were unable to complete the Fast Travel tutorial
  • Made a modification so Safe Area Calibration is now saved when relaunching the game
  • Camera no longer resets to a random location when using the Reset Camera function in Photo mode
  • Photo mode will now force exit when the player is teleported
  • Subtitles are now present when joining another player's game while a cinematic is playing
  • Addressed a reported concern where some sounds were quiet or missing for the second player in split screen
  • Made various split screen UI fixes
  • Fixed a reported UI issue where the Mayhem Modifier menu would sometimes not appear for certain players



  • Now consumes 1 ammo instead of 5.

Bug fixes

  • Addressed a reported bug with "Space-Laser Tag" which prevented some players from progressing to the next objective
  • Atomic has been modified to no longer become invincible, as has been reported under certain conditions
  • Modified Powerhouse Heavy's attacks to no longer damage players outside of the intended range
  • Addressed a concern that Projected shields were taking too much damage from General Traunt's attacks
  • Fixed the reported floating door frame in the Jakobs Theatre
  • Addressed a reported potential progression blocker when Rhy's talks during "Hostile Takeover"
  • Increased checkpoint sizes of New-U stations in multiple locations
  • Included a modification so that Zane's Digi-Clone will no longer spawn into the cage in Slaughterstar 3000

As you can see, this update brings quite a few stability and bug fixes, things that players should look forward to experiencing. Also, in the original post about the patch, Gearbox stated that they are hard at work sorting requested features like skippable cutscenes, additional Mayhem Modes, and of course, a massive bank increase at some point down the line. You can always head back over to our Borderlands 3 guide for more info about the game, where you'll also find a slew of great strategy content to assist you in finding the coolest guns and Easter eggs.

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