Borderlands 3 Halloween event start date and time

Find out exactly what the Borderlands 3 Halloween event start date and time is, so you can dive into the Bloody Harvest right away.


Borderlands 3 has been busy this month, hosting new events each week to celebrate the franchise’s history. Now, though, it’s almost time to dive into the Blood Harvest event, a special Halloween event that will introduce new cosmetic items and tons of new quests for players to take part in. If you’ve been wondering what the Borderlands 3 Halloween event start date and time are, then we can help.

Borderlands 3 Halloween event start date and time

The Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Halloween update is currently set to kick off on October 24 and will run until December 5, giving players plenty of time to dive in and take part in the festivities. The Bloody Harvest event is sure to be a terrifyingly good time for those who have been enjoying Borderlands 3, and the event will add a brand-new area for players to explore.

Borderlands 3 halloween event start date and time

Unfortunately, we don’t know an extra start time just yet. However, Gearbox typically likes to release patches before 3 PM PT on update days, which means you can most likely expect to be able to dive in and start playing through the Bloody Harvest Halloween event before 3 PM on October 24.

To reach the new area players will need to have at least reached Sanctuary III, the spaceship, where they’ll be able to meet Maurice, a new NPC that will handle all of the future Borderlands 3 seasonal events. After talking Maurice, players will unlock a new quest that can be repeated as much as you want, which will give you access to Heck, a brand-new area full of surprises and new quests.

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We’ll keep a closer eye on Borderlands 3 in the coming days to make sure we know exactly when the Halloween event will kick-off, and we’ll be sure to update this article should any additional news drop. Now that you know when the Borderlands 3 Halloween event start date and time are, you can prepare to dive right in. Make sure you have everything you need by heading over to our Borderlands 3 guide for tons of helpful content.

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