Explore Halcyon with The Outer Worlds' zany launch trailer

Do you want to be a hero or a villain when you start running around in The Outer Worlds? It's up to you.


Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming sci-fi RPG looks cooler every time we see it.

The same can certainly be said of its newest launch trailer, which gives us a fun glimpse at the world of Halcyon in The Outer Worlds. What kind of person do you want to be there? Hero or villain? It's something you'll have to decide. Either path looks like a lot of fun, especially if you really dug Fallout: New Vegas.

Obsidian looks to be reviving some of the same fun and excitement we saw with that entry in the Fallout series nearly 10 years ago, and we can't wait to get our hands on it – especially after the 20 minutes of gameplay on display back during Tokyo Game Show 2019.

The single-player RPG will be rife with quests, party members to recruit, and colorful areas to explore as you make your way through its wide world. It's currently set to debut on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 25. There's also a Switch version coming at a later date, so you can look forward to that as well if you're someone who likes to game in bed or on the go.

Take a look at the new launch trailer and tell us what you think! Otherwise you can look forward to checking out our upcoming review and bevy of Outer Worlds-related content. Be sure to let us know how you feel Outer Worlds is looking in the comments below. 

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