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Google shows off new Pixel 4 voice recorder with live transcription

During today's Made By Google, the tech giant showed off a new voice recorder function built into the Pixel 4.


One of the most anticipated phones of the year, Google's Pixel 4 will contain quite a few upgrades from the previous versions of Google's popular phone. This time around, though, the fine folks at Google have created a wonderful voice recording application that includes live transcription services. The demoed showed off during the latest Made by Google showcased some very impressive transcription services, all of which work right off the device.

On top of offering transcription as you talk, the voice recorder application also allows you to search for specific words or phrases and can then take you to those direct moments when in voice recordings. This ensures you can always find what you're looking for in the various recordings that you take.

It's really cool to see Google taking such efforts to make use of your smartphone that much easier, and to be honest, the voice recording application the tech giant showed off appears to be the most comprehensive we’ve seen on a phone yet. It also is all handled on the device, as during the demo the phone was in airplane mode, which means it wasn’t connected to any kind of network.

It’s insane to see how far technology continues to expand and evolve, and the idea that ten years from now, we’ll be seeing even greater strides is mind-boggling to think about. For now, though, we know that the Pixel 4 has quite a lot of great features that fans of the phone series will enjoy and find useful, but the voice recording software has to be one of the biggest standouts we’ve seen. Being able to search for phrases or words you’ve spoken in a voice recording is fantastic, and being able to view the transcription, live as it happens, well let’s just say Google has done a great job with it if it really works that well.

For more information on the Pixel 4, head over to the official website. You can also check out the rest of today’s Made by Google news here on Shacknews.

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