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WoW Twitch streamer Asmongold was most watched in Q3 2019 - StreamElements report

Asmongold remained on top of Twitch as the most-watched streamer according to StreamElements' latest report.


It looks like there's another streamer "king" in the works to be crowned soon enough.

World of Warcraft player Asmongold has taken over Twitch two months in a row, according to the latest Q3 StreamElements report that covers all things Twitch. The star player set the record for most hours watched per month in Q3, racking up over 13 million hours in September.

Previously, the StreamElements Q2 Twitch report found streaming Tfue having dethroned Ninja as the "king of Twitch." The report came out in July 2019, and noted that viewers had spent more time in the second quarter of 2019 watching Tfue than any other streamer.

A few other intriguing takeaways from the report are those that indicate that non-gaming content is growing rapidly on Twitch – faster, even, than the streaming platform itself.

As of the Q3 report, the Just Chatting category has grown 36% based on the number of hours watched. It's outpaced Twitch growth four times as quickly and is the only category this year to increase in hours watched quarter over quarter.

Further, as previously shown, Ninja leaving Twitch to head over to Mixer had little or no impact on the platform's growth, but it was good for brand visibility, according to StreamElements.  And, perhaps unsurprisingly with the release of WoW Classic, World of Warcraft streams have been exploding with the debut of WoW Classic, jumping 117.82% in percentage of hours watched. Meanwhile, Fortnite and League of Legends lost 20.11% and 18.47%, respectively. 

However, with Fortnite Season 11 on the horizon (did you really think the game was over?) that could spell a spike in viewing hours for the game once more. It's decreased from 126 million hours watched in January to 60 million watched in September. That's a significant change, like the number of streamers broadcasting Fortnite has shrunken by nearly 50%. With Season 11 on its way and the massive amount of views the game amassed by "ending" the game, that will likely change.

"One of the most interesting developments on Twitch is the growth of non-gaming content, particularly the 'Just Chatting' category. While viewership of every top game has fluctuated, 'Just Chatting' is the only category to consistently maintain its upward momentum. It grew 36% since its launch a year ago which is four times as much as Twitch's overall growth rate in that period. This is significant because it shows where Twitch is heading and opens the door to more non-endemic brands given that influencers who use the category are more conversational and provide more opportunities not tethered to game play." shared Doron Nir, CEO of StreamElements.

It's interesting to see how much things change over each quarter, and as expected, they certainly have once more. With the fourth quarter coming up, we'll be looking forward to seeing how the tumultuous streaming landscape continues to twist and turn and which games end up taking the top spots. It's going to be an interesting race to the top. 

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