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How to get more points in Mario Kart Tour

Learn everything you need to know to get more points in Mario Kart Tour.


Mario Kart Tour utilizes a somewhat weird level-up system that changes quite a bit from racer to racer, including an upgrade system that allows you to level up your karts, racers, and gliders even more. In this guide we’ll discuss what the points system is in Mario Kart Tour and even talk about how to get more points.

How to get more points in Mario Kart Tour

Adding more points to your driver in Mario Kart Tour is as simple as utilizing a ticket or just doing races with that character until it gains some additional points. To unlock various tickets, you’re going to want to complete courses and hit the various star requirements. As you progress through the various Cups available, you’ll start to see more and more varied rewards available for reaching various star levels.

With karts and gliders, players can also earn additional tickets and points by playing through the various tracks available while utilizing those particular karts or gliders. You’ll have a chance to choose your kart, racer, and glider each race, so just make sure you’re utilizing the ones that you want to level up along the way.

Mario Kart Tour - Glider Points Up Ticket
Look out for many tickets like this to help increase your points.

The key to earning more points for your setups all comes down to investing time into those setups. You can also pick up tickets through daily login bonuses, or even by purchasing them from the in-game shop. No matter how you decided to get more tickets, utilizing them before races can really help you level up more quickly, allowing you to earn even more points as you continue your journey through Mario Kart Tour.

If you’re having trouble increasing your score in each race to hit those Grand Star requirements, then make sure to:

  • Utilize your highest driver, kart, and glider scores.
  • Hit other drivers with items while racing.
  • Hit drifts to boost yourself around corners.
  • Perform jump boosts during races with ramps.
  • Collect coins throughout the race.
  • Finish in first, second, or third position.
  • You can also go with faster races like the 200CC, which will grant you more points too.

Now that you know how to get more points in Mario Kart Tour, make sure you know how to change drift modes to swap between manual and easy modes.

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