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NVIDIA's new Lightspeed Studios to remaster classic games for raytracing

NVIDIA is currently seeking employees for the new studio, with several job listings available now.


NVIDIA is currently seeking employees to fill its new Lightspeed Studios endeavor in a bid to start remastering classic games to offer raytracing features. The news comes by way of "dev tech engineer" Alex Dunn, an NVIDIA employee who reached out on Twitter to potentially interested parties with a tweet.

"NVIDIA is building out a studio to remaster classic games for raytracing! Anyone fancy joining the fun? (search "Lightspeed")," he wrote.

Heading over to the page Alex linked (and searching for "Lightspeed," as he mentioned) does indeed bring up a whole list of positions waiting to be filled, as you can see below, but no indication of which games may be remastered in the future or how the selection process could potentially work. 

The available jobs at Nvidia.
The available jobs at Nvidia.

Here's a sample of what the team is looking for, based on the Producer job listing:

What you’ll be doing:

  • Lead the production on an RTX remaster project, including scope, schedule, resourcing and risk management

  • Work with partner teams to track status and optimize collaboration

  • Maintain and disseminate project status information through multiple internal and external teams and departments

  • Develop and maintain processes and tools needed to support partnership projects and technical collaboration

There are a variety of roles that you can explore, including a technical artist, programmer, 3D video game artist, art production manager, rendering engineer, and more. Elsewhere, it seems NVIDIA has remained relatively mum on its plans to release these new games or the studio launch to go with it. 

Whatever ends up happening with the studio, we have a good hunch that it may begin releasing titles such as the well-received Quake II RTX, as it fits within the parameters of what the job listings are looking for nicely. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates as we continue to follow the story. 

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