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Call of Duty Mobile has record-breaking 100 million downloads in first week

It looks like a lot of people enjoy Call of Duty Mobile, if this number of downloads is to be believed.


People can't get enough fo Call of Duty Mobile, and it really shows. The numbers don't lie, after all. Just ask Black Ops' Alex Mason. 

The mobile Call of Duty managed to amass a whopping 100 million downloads in just its first week online, according to app data analyst firm Sensor Tower. Speaking to CNBC on Tuesday, Sensor Tower stated that the game had the "largest mobile game launch ever," even more so than Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour, which flourished at 90 million installs during its first week of launch and even Pokémon Go, which was downloaded 85.5 million times in its debut week in August 2016. Those are some seriously impressive numbers.

Call of Duty: Mobile even managed to dwarf the same first-week performance from games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, which both managed to attain 22.5 million and 28 million downloads apiece. It looks like Call of Duty fever is running wild on everyone with a phone, or at least it certainly seems like it.

Call of Duty Mobile is the same first-person shooter experience you get on consoles and PC on your smartphone. It just launched on October 1 around the world, and it lets you experience some of your favorite maps, modes, weapons, and characters culled from the series over the years in one place, which means you don't have to run home for a quick Call of Duty session with your friends. Just do it on the go!

Have you been playing through Call of Duty Mobile and liking what you see? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, as we're always looking for new mobile games to toss into our daily rotations. 

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