What are cache codes in Destiny 2?

Learn what a cache code is in Destiny 2 and how to acquire them to complete bounties.


Some bounties in Destiny 2 ask players to get a couple of Cache Codes. For a lot of players, the logical question to ask is, “What is a cache code?” The answer is incredibly simple, and you’ve likely gotten hundreds of them before, but it’s easy to miss.

What are cache codes?

Cache codes are the non-inventory item you receive after completing a Lost Sector in Destiny 2. Any time you fight through a Lost Sector and defeat the boss, an on-screen message will state “Cache code acquired”. This means you can unlock the special, diamond-shaped loot chest at the end of the area.

destiny 2 cache codes
The Lost Territory bounty asks players to acquire two cache codes.

For a lot of players, this is likely the first time Destiny 2 has drawn attention toward cache codes. Typically, bounties ask players to complete a Lost Sector. Despite meaning the same thing, the slightly different wording is enough to throw off even the most avid of players.

In terms of what cache codes you should try to acquire, any Lost Sector will do. Just keep in mind you will need to do the Lost Sector on the planet that the bounty asks. For example, if the bounty is from Devrim Kay in the EDZ, you will need to complete any of the 16 Lost Sectors in the European Dead Zone.

Most of the time these bounties only require a couple of cache codes. To get this done quickly, simply run through the Lost Sector, kill the boss and open the cache. You can then run back to the loading zone of the previous area, then double-back into the same Lost Sector. You don’t actually need to complete different areas.

Now that the problem of what cache codes are has been cleared up, you can get back to farming and leveling up in Destiny 2. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more helpful content to your every question.

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