How to unlock challenges in Mario Kart Tour

Learn how to unlock new challenges and test yourself in Mario Kart Tour.


Mario Kart Tour has quickly become one of Nintendo’s fastest downloaded mobile games, with many diving in to see what the mobile version of everyone’s favorite kart racer has to offer. If you’ve been playing daily, then you’re going to want to know how to unlock challenges, which will give you special objectives and rewards to work towards.

How to unlock challenges in Mario Kart Tour

If you want to unlock challenges in Mario Kart Tour, then like most other things in the game, you’re going to need to grind a bit. Challenges are locked at the start of the game, requiring you to complete seven individual cups in order to unlock them.

This objective is pretty straight forward in and of itself, though you will need to sink a bit of time into Mario Kart Tour to pull it off. Each cup is four races, so you will need to complete roughly 28 different races in order to unlock challenges in Mario Kart Tour. Thankfully, though, once you unlock higher speeds like 100CC or 150CC, races go by much quicker, and you’ll just need to finish the seven cups, you won’t have to win every single race.

How to unlock challenges in Mario Kart Tour
Complete seven different cups in Mario Kart Tour to unlock challenges.

Once you have unlocked challenges, you’ll have plenty to do each day as Mario Kart Tour updates with new objectives. These can be completed to earn some special rewards—like more Rubies, Coins, and experience for your racers, karts, and gliders. Even without the rewards involved, challenges are a nice way to spice up the gameplay in Mario Kart Tour, which is currently missing any kind of multiplayer options.

Now that you know how to unlock challenges in Mario Kart Tour, you can dive back in and make a name for yourself in Nintendo’s latest mobile hit. We’ll continue to provide guides coverage on the latest Mario Kart adventure, so keep an eye on our Mario Kart Tour page for more useful information.

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