Help Will Come Tomorrow asks players to survive the Siberian wilderness

Nine characters must try to survive a winter hellscape after their passenger train crashes in Help Will Come Tomorrow.


Survival games always push players to their limits and Help Will Come Tomorrow will push you further. Developed by Arclight Creations, this bleak and cold look at the October Revolution looks to challenge players to aid a group of characters and lead them to survival, all while navigating the hostile land of Siberia and classism.

Help Will Come Tomorrow offers an icy and desolate experience

Help Will Come Tomorrow centers on the October Revolution. This turbulent time in Russian history will be explored through the multiple characters the player controls. As was critical during the October Revolution, class will play an important role in Help Will Come tomorrow. Each of the characters has their own background and social class, and in order to survive these must be confronted, dealt with, and overcome.

Michal Gembicki, CEO at Klabater, is particularly fond of these story-driven experiences, especially those steeped in history, stating, “Another unique feature we try to feature in our games is a real historical background. It reflects our personal historical interests in Klabater - we love history and we want use it as a tool to tell immersive stories about the human condition.” In fact, Gembicki goes so far as to liken Help Will Come Tomorrow to a kind of spiritual successor to We. The Revolution. Both games deal with extremely important topics from history, so it’s great to see a publisher embracing this.

Help Will Come Tomorrow characters
Navigate relationships and social-class interactions to ensure everyone survives Help Will Come Tomorrow.

As for how Help Will Come Tomorrow plays, management of resources through gathering and rationing will play a pivotal role. Survival will be reliant upon expanding the camp, dealing with the ever-changing weather, and overcoming the results of your own actions. Because of the various socioeconomic classes present, the interactions between the 9 characters can be quite volatile. Missteps can lead to problems later down the track. Visit the Steam page for more information.

Help Will Come Tomorrow is set to release in early 2020 on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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