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Western fantasy RTS A Year of Rain could be Warcraft 4

If you're itching for a new RTS, this game could very well be your cup of tea.


Looking for a game that would be plausible as the next installment in the Warcraft series? A Year of Rain might be exactly what you've been looking for all along.

Shacknews caught up with Christian Bittkau, 3D artist at Daedalic Entertainment, to chat about A Year of Rain, its various features, and all the work that's gone into creating such an intriguing new world, all but a direct sequel to Warcraft – because you know that's what we've been waiting for. 

A Year of Rain is an RTS set in a fantasy world that acts as a "proving ground for those with great ambition." Players will choose their faction, work together, and control legendary heroes with unique powers and talents that differ between characters. The game is meant to combine classic RTS elements with a strong focus on hero units, with its co-op campaign and online and offline game modes meant for teams of two.

There are three rival factions in the game that you'll choose and immediately jump into playing with, as you gather resources, build bases, recruit units, and duke it out online with your enemies. You can upgrade your structures and units to become even more powerful throughout the course of the game, all the while choosing which house to align yourself with.

With about a 15-hour campaign, satisfying skirmishes, and familiar UI that will undoubtedly remind you of the Warcraft 4 we've never gotten. One could say this is Warcraft 4 in another dimension, only from a different developer and a few more ways to keep it accessible for newcomers. Either way, it certainly looks like a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to spend time in a strategy-tinged fantasy world. 

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