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All Golden Leaves locations - Link's Awakening

Learn how to find all five Golden Leaves for Richard in Link's Awakening on Nintendo Switch.


After gaining access to Kanalet Castle, players will want to find all five Golden Leaves for Richard. This will give them access to Pothole Field, which will allow you to acquire the Slime Key. To find all five Golden Leaves locations, players will want to head into the castle. We’ll break down the location of each Golden Leaf below, so let’s dive right in.

All Golden Leaves locations - Link's Awakening

After crossing the bridge that was built after getting the banana, players will find themselves infiltrating Kanalet Castle. The knights in the castle can be an annoyance if you aren’t careful, so you’ll want to try to break them off and take them on one at a time.

To gain access to Kanalet Castle proper, head north from the bridge and take a left at the phone booth. Destroy a bush in front of the two trees in this corner to reveal a pair of stairs leading to a tunnel that will take you into the castle. Head through and you’ll find yourself at the back of the castle walls. You can head to the left or right here. For the purpose of this walkthrough, head to the right.

Golden Leaf #1

Link's Awakening - Golden Leaf #1
Defeat the Mad Bomber to unlock your first Golden Leaf.

The first Golden Leaf can be acquired by defeating the two knights in this area and then defeating the Mad Bomber in the five holes here in the path. The bomber will continuously jump around to different holes, at which point he’ll pop up and throw bombs at you. Attack him until he dies and drops the first Golden Leaf.

Golden Leaf #2

Link's Awakening - Golden Leaf #2
Scare away the crow sitting on this tree and kill it to acquire a Golden Leaf.

Head down the castle wall and up the left-hand side of the walls. Ignore the entrance for the time being. As you make your way back up towards the northern side of the castles, you should spot a crow hanging out on a tree, as well as a knight or two. Take the knights out and then use one of the rocks nearby to throw it at the crow. This will cause the crow to attack you. Killing it will reward you with your second Golden Leaf.

Golden Leaf #3

Link's Awakening - Golden Leaf #3
Defeat the enemies right inside the castle for a Golden Leaf.

Now it’s time to head into the castle proper. Make your way back down to the entrance and head inside. There are several enemies right inside the castle, including an Anti-Fairy. Use your shield to block the Anti-Fairy away and then kill the knights in this section to receive another Golden Leaf.

Golden Leaf #4

Link's Awakening - Golden Leaf #4
Use bombs to free the knights in this room and then defeat them for a Golden Leaf.

Continue deeper into the castle. Take our the next couple of knights and a random Keese. Use the switch in the corner to open up the gates outside, giving you an easy way to return to Richard when you’re finished. Head back the way you came and take the stairs this time. Head left through the door that is located along the top of the screen.

This next room is where you’ll find your next Golden Leaf. You’ll need bombs for this portion of the walkthrough, though. If you don’t have any bombs, head to Mabe Village and pick some up from the store. Basically, though, you’ll want to avoid the Spark enemy in this room and blow up the two cracked portions of the wall down the stairs. This will spawn two knights. Killing both knights will reward you with your fourth Golden Leaf.

Golden Leaf #5

Link's Awakening - Golden Leaf #5 location
Defeat the soldier in this room for the last Golden Leaf.

To find the final Golden Leaf, head through the castle until you reach the balcony area outside. Head into the new door you spot and you’ll find yourself in a room with a blocked off door and several pots. Pick up one of the pots and throw it at the door, this will destroy the door and allow you through.

Head through the now open door and you’ll find yourself face to face with an enemy with a ball and chain. This enemy can be a bit tricky to defeat. Dodge its attacks and then swipe at it with your sword to take it down. Defeating the soldier will drop the fifth and final Golden Leaf.

Now that you have all the Golden Leaves, head back down to Pothole Field and talk to Richard. Giving him the Golden Leaves will open up access to the field, and you can then continue through it to obtain the Slime Key. For more help, be sure to check out our guides on how to beat the Slime Eye, which is the next boss that you’ll face off against in Link’s Awakening. You can also return to our Link’s Awakening guide hub for more helpful info.

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