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Does the Nintendo Switch Lite have a D-Pad?

Find out whether or not the Nintendo Switch Lite features a D-Pad or the same buttons from the original Nintendo Switch.


There’s a lot to take in when it comes to the Nintendo Switch Lite, the new handheld-only counterpart to Nintendo’s hit hybrid console. If you’re planning on getting the Nintendo Switch Lite, then there’s one thing you might be wondering and that’s ‘does the Nintendo Switch Lite have a D-Pad?’ Well, we can help you with your questions, so let’s dive right in!

Does the Nintendo Switch Lite have a D-Pad?

Why yes, yes it does. Despite the fact that the original Nintendo Switch did not include the standard D-Pad, the Nintendo Switch Lite does have one. This means you can expect to be able to move around in games and menus using the built-in D-Pad. This is something that many users have missed on the original Nintendo Switch, and it’s nice to see the smaller, handheld version of the console launching with one.

Does the Nintendo Switch Lite have a D-Pad?

If you do have a Nintendo Switch and you aren’t looking to pick up a Switch Lite, there are a couple of third-party options available that will give you a D-Pad, however, they aren’t the greatest accessories ever made, and do feature some issues like a lack of rumble and other negatives. Curious about other differences between the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite? We have a handy guide that details the changes.

Now that you know the Nintendo Switch Lite has a D-Pad, you can get ready to dive in and enjoy the latest handheld console from Nintendo. For more info, make sure you check out our other handy guides in our Nintendo Switch hub. You can also reach out to us on Twitter via @Shacknews. Planning on picking up a Nintendo Switch Lite? Shoot us a tweet and tell us what you’re most excited about when it comes to the Switch Lite, as we’d love to know.

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