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Does Nintendo Switch Lite work on a television?

Planning on picking up a Nintendo Switch Lite? Here's what you need to know about the Switch Lite and whether it works on televisions or not.


One of the big draws of the Nintendo Switch Lite is the handheld consoles’ cheaper price. However, that $100 savings does come at a cost, and many potential Switch Lite users are curious to know whether or not the Nintendo Switch Lite will work on a television. The good news is, we’ve got the answers you’re seeking, so let’s take a look.

Does Nintendo Switch Lite work on a television?

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch Lite is not designed to work on televisions. This is because the new console’s main focus is on portability. Thus, it isn’t designed to fit in the Nintendo Switch Dock, nor is it designed to connect to the TV via other cables. There is, of course, no official remark on whether you can bypass the dock method by just straight connecting your Switch Lite to the TV, but because the console might also not include the needed items that make the docking on the regular Switch possible.

Nintendo Switch Lite is designed to be handheld
The Nintendo Switch Lite isn't designed to be used with the TV.

Another matter to take into account is that connecting your Nintendo Switch Lite will only export up to the 1280x720 resolution that the console is set to run at. The original Nintendo Switch has different software and hardware in it, which allows the display to be upped to 1080P when connected to the dock. This is one of the sacrifices that Nintendo has made with the Switch Lite, along with the ability to remove the Joy-Con controllers, which has helped them cut the cost and bring it down to only $200 ($100 less than the original Nintendo Switch).

To put it simply, the Nintendo Switch Lite just isn't designed to work for the television, so if you're wanting something you can play on the TV, too, then just go with the regular Nintendo Switch. If you’re curious to know more about the Nintendo Switch Lite, then be sure to head over to our main Nintendo Switch hub. Planning on picking up a Switch Lite when it releases? Head over to Twitter and tweet us via @Shacknews to share your thoughts and excitement.

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