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How to beat Moldorm - Link's Awakening

One of Link's oldest enemies is back in Link's Awakening. Find out how to defeat Moldorm and kick your adventure off right.


Moldorm needs no introduction to those who have played the Legend of Zelda games and he's back again in Link's Awakening. This slithery worm is ready to trouble Link once more, but he'll mainly serve as a nice warm-up for what lies ahead in his adventure. Shacknews is here to offer newcomers and novices a brief primer on Moldorm and how to best him in battle.

How to beat Moldorm - Link's Awakening

Moldorm is notorious for his erratic movements and Link's Awakening is certainly no exception. He's a little bit easier to deal with here than he is in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, simply because you're not dealing with a multi-level dungeon. However, there are still ways he can knock you to your doom.

The sides of the boss chamber are cracked and if you stand on any of those tiles for too long, they'll break completely. If Link falls through any of those holes, he'll return to the boss door with damage taken. Fall too many times and it's Game Over.

Moldorm is only weak in his tail, so wait for him to slither by and take a swing at his glowing red end. For the first phase of the fight, Moldorm will increase his speed and crash around the room, momentarily invincible. Once his tail glows red again, take another swing at him.

Before long, Moldorm will get steamed and move around the chamber significantly faster. At this point, he'll lose his invincibility, so it's just a matter of catching him. Swing at his tail once more and Moldorm will fall.

Now that Moldorm is beaten, your adventure has officially begun. We'll have more tips, advice, and tricks for Link's Awakening in the days ahead. Keep it on Shacknews for all of the latest guides and content.

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