Enemy on Board is like Werewolf in space but with aliens

Six players are tasked with taking care of a ship, but two of those players are secretly aliens looking to kill everyone else.


Ever wondered what it would be like to play Mafia or Werewolf in space? Well Windwalk Games is here to answer that question for you, and their answer is Enemy on Board. This is the team’s debut title, and it looks to fuse together the hidden enemy themes of the aforementioned with some ship-repair mechanics.

Enemy on Board releasing later this year

For those that aren’t familiar with hidden enemy games, Enemy on Board’s premise is simple: six players must work together in order to repair their ship and survive. The only problem is that two of these players are actively working against the group in an attempt to achieve a different goal: kill everyone else.

Enemy on Board ship map
Players will need to work together to keep the ship running while also trying to figure out who among them are aliens sabotaging the mission.

This style of game has been around for a while. Trouble in Terrorist Town and Deceit are two titles that have gained a lot of traction recently, though they explore different themes entirely. Where Enemy on Board looks to differentiate itself is with a spacefaring angle. Survival isn’t just tied to figuring out who’s an alien, it’s also linked to keeping the ship is good nick.

Enemy on Board also utilizes a round-based system. Matches can last anywhere from a few minutes up to almost 10 minutes depending on the skill of the players. This makes it a perfect option for players who mightn’t have the time for long-form matches or who aren’t able to keep up with all the games-as-service titles these days.

Enemy on Board tools and weapons
Enemy on Board appears to feature quite a few unlocks.

There’s a lot crammed into these short few minutes, too. Players can utilizies what the press releases refers to as a “vast and constantly growing arsenal of weapons and character skins”. This makes it sound as if there are unlockables tied to in-game progress or even long-term support from the developer.

Enemy on Board is set to release later this year on PC and Mac. The game can currently be added to Steam wishlists and the Discord server has key giveaways for those who want to get in for free!

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