How to change co-op Group Mode in Borderlands 3

Changing Borderlands 3 from Cooperation to Coopetition Group Mode (or vice versa) is a simple but important option!


Borderlands 3 includes a new co-op experience in the form of Group Mode. In this Group Mode, players will have the option to switch between Cooperation and Coopetition. The differences between these two modes is drastically different, so figuring out how to switch and change between them will be critical depending on who you play with.

Group Mode: Cooperation vs Coopetition

Co-op play in Borderlands 3 is slightly different to pervious titles. Before you even start, Borderlands gives you the option to select your Group Mode. There are two choices here: Cooperation or Coopetition. Depending on who you play with, the choice you make here will be vital.

Borderlands 3 Group Modes
How you deal with loot will change depending on whether you choose Cooperation or Coopetition.

Here's what Borderlands 3 has to say about these different Group Modes:

Cooperation: Every bit of loot you find is dropped for you and unique to you (Instanced). Your teammates can’t take your loot. You can play with anyone of any level at any time.

Coopetition: Classic Borderlands rules. Discuss who gets loot ahead of time, or don’t. Just vacuum all that loot and deny it existed in the first place. We don’t judge. We also don’t level balance in this mode. If you are level 20 and your level 5 friend joins your game, you better protect them, or don’t.

The distinction is pretty clear. When playing with the Cooperation rules, any loot that you see is yours, no one else can see it or take it. This means you won’t need to check with anyone as to whether they want it or need it. Plus, all the enemies will be at an appropriate level for you. This will be the safest one to choose when playing with random people or if you want to make money quickly in Borderlands 3.

On the other hand, Coopetition is the iconic Borderlands style where you will need to work with your teammates to figure out who gets what. This mode encourages more discussion about loot. Furthermore, the enemies are not scaled to each player, which makes it dangerous for someone who is underleveled.

How to change co-op Group Mode

Borderlands 3 Cooperation Coopetition
You can change Borderlands 3's Group Mode from the main menu.

When playing with friends you trust, the Coopetition mode is good fun. It generates some nice discussion and you can typically work together. However, if you play with people you’re wary of, or playing online with randoms, it can be a good idea to change the Group Mode.

The co-op Group Mode can only be changed from the main menu. So if you’re already in-game, you will need to back out and start it back up again.

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Click the settings icon in the top-right corner (gears)
  3. Under “Group Mode”, select the Coop mode you want: Cooperation or Coopetition
  4. Once selected, load the game back up

It’s a simple setting to use, but one that can only be accessed from the main menu. There’s likely a lot going on in the back-end of Borderlands 3 that makes changing the co-op Group Mode too complicated to do while the game is loaded up. Check a look at the Shacknews Borderlands 3 guide and FAQ for even more mechanic explainers and collectible guides.

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