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Steam update makes it simpler to find games you'll enjoy playing

If you have trouble finding games you enjoy on Steam, this update might help.


If you spend a lot of time on Steam trying to figure out something new to play with fruitless results, the platform's latest update may be of interest to you.

The latest Steam update was rolled out in a bid to make the Recommendation Feed a bit more spot-on. This also includes areas like More Like This found on store pages as well as Recommended For You on the homepage. According to Valve, the old algorithm wasn't actually personalized well for each user and was targeting older games still.

Valve went forward with an experiment where only about 5% of Steam users were given access to a tweaked feature, and the team used the results to figure out this new update. Those who were part of the experiment were about 15% more likely to click on the games in the recommendations sections.

This isn't related to Valve's series of Steam Labs experimental projects, but it's still an exciting change if you tend to look to Steam to try and figure out what to play next. This new feature should start being rolled out to additional users soon enough, so you might be finding it easier to figure out games that you'd rather be playing. 

That, or you could check out what the good folks at Shacknews have to say, right? Let us know if you start seeing an improvement in the way Steam recommends games to you. 

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