How to gather lost loot in Borderlands 3

Learn how to gather up lost loot in Borderlands 3 using the Lost Loot Machine and how to fix it if your box is not working.


The Lost Loot Machine is an absolute godsend in Borderlands 3. Tired of running out of inventory space and not being able to grab those pretty Rare, Epic, or even higher rarity items? Well lucky for you that’s what this new box is for. And in the event your Lost Loot box isn’t working, we’ve got a simple solution.

How to gather lost loot in Borderlands 3

Thanks to a new addition in Borderlands 3, the Lost Loot Machine, you will no longer face the annoying problem of shuffling around your backpack to make space for more items. Previously, if you found a cool Rare gun you wanted to sell, but couldn't pick it up because of a full backpack, you'd have to do some inventory management. Not anymore!

The Lost Loot box won't work if your Group Mode is set to Coopetition. Change your Group Mode to Cooperation for Lost Loot to work.

Borderlands 3 - Lost Loot machine location
You can find the Lost Loot Machine in Sanctuary III, near the fast travel point.

Thanks to the brand-new Lost Loot Machine, Borderlands 3 will pick up any Rare or higher gear you leave behind. The gear will be stored in the machine, waiting for you to come and pick it up.

You won’t be able to access the machine until a good bit into the game. You will need to leave Pandora and again access to Sanctuary, the Crimson Raider’s mobile base of operations.

Once you have gained access to the ship, head down to the Crew Quarters to find the Lost Loot Machine waiting in the center of the area. We’ve even included a handy map of the area above to help you find it much more easily.

Borderlands 3 - Lost Loot Machine
Here's what the Lost Loot Machine looks like.

In short, any Rare or higher weapons will be placed in the Lost Loot Machine in Sanctuary once you leave an area. They will only be placed in the box if your Group Mode is set to Cooperation, so make sure this mode is activate before you go leaving valuable weapons behind. It's also worth noting that white and green gear will not go to the Lost Loot box, only Blue, Purple, and Orange (and probably beyond when the time comes). 

Boom, it’s that simple. Now that you know how to gather your lost loot, make sure you also check out our other handy guides in our Borderlands 3 walkthrough and FAQ.

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