Interview: Dark Envoy's gameplay is pushed by the player's decisions

We spoke with the developers behind this western steampunk inspired world and got a peek behind the curtain to their creative process.


Developed by Event Horizon, Dark Envoy is a brand new RPG IP that likens itself to notable titles such as XCOM, Divinity, and Dragon Age. The non-linear story sees players sailing across the skies, in search of powerful relics. We interviewed the founder of Event Horizon about the process of creating this game from the ground up.

In the video below, our interview with Event Horizon is coupled with gameplay from Dark Envoy. Something players will immediately be taken by is Dark Envoy’s unique setting. What was described to us as a mixture of a steampunk victorian with fantasy elements really opens up gameplay decisions from a creative standpoint. “We’re not limited in anyway when we create locations, when we think about the quests.” having such a mashup setting allows for a wide range of variety when designing characters, weapons, cities, etc. 

As for lore, Dark Envoy envisions a world of the old races, beings akin to elves, fairies, and your classic fantasy creatures. Humans later came to this world and began to conquer the land. The old races represent the magic and fantastical elements of Dark Envoy, while the humans represent technology. The story will be paved by the decisions of the player. When progressing through Dark Envoy, you’ll have the option to side with the humans, or with the old races. The path you take will influence quest outcomes and narrative structures.

Dark Envoy features a combination of real-time and turn-based combat. As players maneuver throughout the world, they will do so in real time. Once engaged with an enemy, the two parties will take turns moving and attacking. Event Horizon hopes that this will add an extra layer of strategy and force players to think harder about how they approach different combat scenarios.

If Dark Envoy seems up your alley, you can play it when it launches in 2020 on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. Subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV’s Youtube channels for more exclusive gameplay and interviews.

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