Nintendo teases odd, circular controller for Switch

What is Nintendo getting at? We'll know more on September 12.


Nintendo appears to be teasing some sort of odd new circular controller that will be used for fitness or alternative type of input control for the Switch. 

The company posted a "first look" at the "new experience" on Twitter this evening, without any additional context. The video shows groups of people strapping Joy-Con controllers to their thighs and using the band and the controllers as some sort of motion control methods. The bizarre thing is that Nintendo just had a Direct presentation just yesterday (September 4), where a ton of new information was announced, so it's strange that the new controller (or whatever this thing is) wasn't shown off then. Now we'll be looking forward to another event where details (hopefully a name) will be given so we can stop trying to figure out what, exactly, this thing is for and how you're supposed to use it. 

The video has people using it as what looks like a bow, a steering wheel, and other bizarre things, which leads us to believe the leg straps and the circular device are part of the same setup, but it's not clear if you have to use both for every game. It certainly seems as though it's hearkening back to the olden days of the Wii, where these types of peripherals were the norm. Is this connected to Labo somehow?

We'll hopefully have answers to all of these questions and more come September 12, so stay tuned to Shacknews for additional details. 

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