Red Dead Online trailer shows Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector gameplay

Choose which role suits you best and get to pursuin' it, cowpoke!


Red Dead Online is about to get a whole new series of fun changes in the form of Frontier Pursuits, or Specialist Roles with new, unique paths and activities that will help you change up the way you play the game.

You can capture criminals as a Bounty Hunter, travel the land and make a living as a Trader, or scour the states for valuable goods as a Collector. You can earn experience, rank up, unlock new items and skills, and enhance your performance across the game world while performing these roles. You can see some of it in action in the new trailer below. 

When you rank up, you'll get Role Tokens for new skills, upgrades to how much your satchel can carry, or additional items you can use during regular play. There's a wide variety of items you can buy as well, which are unique to each role and can be purchased with Role Tokens. It's up to you how you ultimately advance your characters throughout Frontier Pursuits.

You can get started with the Bounty Hunter role, who can pick up work from bounty boards, or the Trader, both of which have special paths you can take to earn XP, items, and other abilities. Aside from the new Specialist Roles the update will contain, there will also be a series of new Role Free Roam Events, more Stable slots, improved jewelry selling prices, and additional custom outfit slots as well.

Will you be checking out all the changes that come with the update? Let us know in the comments below if you're thinking about getting rowdy in some Red Dead Online

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