Pokemon Sword and Shield will feature Pokemon Camp, curry cook-offs

Hang out with your Pokemon at camp and cook some tasty curry with your favorite monsters in the new games.


Pokemon Sword and Shield will feature a wide variety of new mechanics, including deeper character customization, camps to spend time with your monsters, and plenty of ways to cook delicious curry rice.

Pokemon Camp lets you spend time with your Pokemon anytime in-game. As you hang out with them, your friendship will deepen, and they'll even improve in battle. And you can hang out with other friends' camps too, with up to 4 players when you use that mode. You can set up camp usually anywhere and anytime while out and about, so when the mood hits, you can cook and camp whenever you feel like it.

Cooking time lets you work on a regional Galar dish: Curry Rice. There are over 100 types to whip up, and each one you cook will subsequently be logged in your Curry Dex. Cook every one of them to eventually be named a Curry Master.

Aside from the awesome selection of curry and the Pokemon Camps, you also get a pretty wide variety of ways to customize your character by way of visiting shops and salons around the area. This includes makeup and cool new hairstyles so you can make sure you look as close to the "you" you want to present in-game as possible.

These are fun new additions to the game that we can't wait to see, especially because there's a "Take Out Toy" option at the Pokemon Camp, meaning you should be able to play with your Pokemon as if they were pets! That sounds heartbreakingly adorable, does it not? So yeah, color us pumped and primed.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be arriving as Nintendo Switch exclusives on November 15.

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