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Magic: The Gathering Arena sets launch date with new expansion

After a year in Open Beta, Magic: The Gathering Arena is set to hit 1.0 alongside a brand new expansion.


Wizards of the Coast has been revolutionizing card battle games for many years, continuing to release new expansions for Magic: The Gathering. The company recently got into game development, looking to take its card gaming phenomenon into the digital realm. Now after nearly a year in early access, Magic: The Gathering Arena is now set to officially launch by the end of this month.

Wednesday's announcement coincides with Wizards of the Coast announcing the latest Magic: The Gathering expansion, Throne of Eldraine. This expansion focuses on a cross between Grimms' fairy tales and the medieval fantasy of Arthurian lore. Those interested in learning more about the expansion's new mechanics can visit the MTG website to explore some of the new cards.

The Throne of Eldraine expansion set will be available on Arena's official launch day, however there's a special Brawl going down right now in the Open Beta that offers up a sneak peek at what players can expect. This Brawl will be open from now through September 9 and allow users to play and earn new cards from the new Throne of Eldraine expansion before they release. Get ready for a new format with this Brawl, as players are tasked with assembling a deck of 59 Standard cards and one Legendary or Planeswalker.

Other features to be on the lookout for on launch day include special rewards for Open Beta users. If you helped MTG Arena through its Open Beta period, you'll get a special Fblthp avatar and card back. Even if you jump into the Open Beta for the final days, you'll still be eligible to earn this reward. Just make sure and play before the official launch date.

Magic: The Gathering will officially launch on September 26, almost a year to the day that the game went into Open Beta. Getting into Magic: The Gathering with its years of history can be an intimidating task, but if you're into card battling games and want to see what the fuss is about, check out the official Magic: The Gatering Arena website for more information.

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