How many hours to beat Blair Witch?

If you're wondering how long to beat Blair Witch when you load it up on your system, don't worry. We've got you covered.


If, like many other Xbox One and PC players, you're looking to pick up Blair Witch, you may be wondering how long the game takes to finish. How many hours to beat Blair Witch really depends on how much you want to explore, how easily irritated you are by dark areas with little light, and how quickly you adapt to the game's puzzles.

If you're interested in learning a bit more about how long you can expect to invest in Blair Witch, keep reading, and we'll get you together. Just be forewarned: spoilers for the length of the game abound, obviously. If you want to keep it a surprise, go ahead and skip this guide. 

How long to beat Blair Witch

Playing through Blair Witch from start to finish should take around 6 to 8 hours for a complete and thorough adventure. This has been more or less corroborated by Blair Witch game writer Barbara Kciuk, who revealed to VentureBeat in an earlier interview that it would take around that same amount of time.

"It depends on how you play," she said. "The forest is an open space, so you have many ways to explore it. You can go straight through the plot or allow yourself to get sidetracked. It should take around six hours, but it depends on how you play through it."

Given that there are several dim locations that can take trial and error to figure out how to navigate, you may find yourself wandering around a bit longer as well. Blair Witch is similar to the "walking simulator" genre, much like Bloober Team's previous offerings Observer and Layers of Fear. Observer was around the same amount of time as Blair Witch, so you won't be in for any sort of major time commitment should you decide to dive in and start playing.

This may feel a bit short for a horror game, but Blair Witch's $29.99 price tag does forecast it being a bit lighter on content, as does Bloober Team's other games. From what we've played so far, it's for the better that it's shorter, but you can learn all about that when our official review goes live.

For now, mark your calendars for an afternoon of Blair Witch, out today for Xbox One and PC. If you have Xbox Game Pass, you can play for free without having to invest any cash, so consider it a freebie horror game.

That's about all there is to know about how many hours it takes to beat Blair Witch. For more guides and helpful information, be sure to check out the rest of our coverage as you begin wandering through the spooky forest with your trusty dog Bullet at your side. 

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