Luke Smith details how Destiny 2's seasons will work

Luke Smith talks seasons in Destiny 2, explaining how players can pay to catch up if they don't have the time to keep pace with their peers.


Destiny 2 is always going to have that Destiny vibe but, man, things are about to change and many players who haven’t played in a bit are in for a shock. Besides going free with the New Light system, Destiny 2 is changing up how it handles seasons, introducing ranks that can both be earned through play, and even purchased as a season ends. This potentially, rocky path will have to be explored more once its live, but Smith also paints some pretty cool pictures about how seasons could work in terms of an evolving game world.

Destiny 2 season ranks

Destiny 2 Season Ranks Explained

Destiny 2’s seasons are going to be both free and paid. As in, parts of the content introduced each season will be free to all, but other parts will be exclusive to those who buy each one. However, all players will be able to earn ranks each season, but how it works will vary based on the free path versus the premium path.

The kicker with season ranks, is that nearing the end of each season players who don’t think they will be able to reach Rank 100 will be offered the opportunity to pay to catch up.

Luke Smith Destiny 2 Blog Post Season Ranks

Truthfully, I’m sitting between worried and fully alarmed right now regarding Destiny 2 and the way the microtransactions will work in Year 3. We know we’re getting the ability to basically layer cosmetics over our armor, and those cosmetics will run through Eververse. I can see a place where this gets out of hand in a big hurry.

Moving along, we end up with the ability to pay to catch up if you can’t play as much as someone like myself. I’m not really against that, but it should be noted that another acceptable way to fix this problem would be offer acceleration in the last month of the season.

That said, my concern is more about being vigilant because if you give an inch someone will take a mile. I’m down to spend money on Destiny 2 cosmetics, I just don’t want to see full Battlefront 2. You never go full Battlefront 2.

Switching gears away from cosmetics and microtransactions, though, Smith had plenty of cool stuff to talk about in terms of how he sees Destiny 2 in the future. The goal will be for the game world to change from one season to the next, with activities retired and new ones brought in. To illustrate this, Smith talked of how this system would work during the Season of the Forge and the Black Armory content.

That, to me, sounds fantastic. I’ve long wondered where this is all going. We have so many pots on the stove and rarely do we see something reach a conclusion. It seems that Bungie has been weighed down by their old methods of development, and this would be an attempt to relieve some of that pressure and push things forward.

You can read the entire blog post by Luke Smith for yourself. We’ve included some lengthy quotes, but there is a lot more to dig into. Once you’re done there, visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide and get back in the fight, Guardian.

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