Pokemon Masters Error 20101 - Server connection fix

Here's how to get around the Pokemon Masters Error 20101 that is preventing players from connecting to game servers.


Some players who are eager to jump into Pokemon Masters are being met with error 20101. The game advises to "check your connection and try again," but repeat attempts to connect to game servers seem to fail. If you're simply trying to get back into Pokemon Masters, there are a few fixes or workarounds for error 20101.

What is Pokemon Masters Error 20101?

Pokemon Masters error 20101 is the result of server connectivity issues. More specifically, it's the result of a server-side connectivity issue, meaning there's nothing that players can do to fix it on their end.

Pokemon Masters Error 20101 20103 fix server connection issue

This error may appear under a number of codes, though 20101 and 20103 seem to be the most prevalent. In either case, the error seems borne of a server issue, so repeat attempts to connect are doomed to fail.

Pokemon Masters Error 20101 and 20103 fix

Fortunately, the solution is about as simple as can be. The error message prompt has a button labeled OK to dismiss the error. If you hit OK, the message will disappear temporarily and you can go back to the game. With that said, it's likely to pop up again in a few minutes, assuming the servers are still experiencing connectivity problems. Otherwise, the game should work as intended, and once connectivity is restored, progress will be synced as normal.

Aside from ignoring the error message, there are only two real solutions, and one of them seems like more work than it's worth. The first is to use a VPN or possibly a mobile GPS spoofer to connect to different game servers that may not be experiencing any problems. If you don't know what those are, it's best not to pursue this path any further. Otherwise, the main solution is to simply wait it out. The game's developers are certainly be keen to keep servers online, so any time error 20101 or 20103 rears its ugly head, they'll go and get things sorted as quickly as possible.

With an online-connected game like Pokemon Masters, issues like error code 20101 or error code 20103 are bound to happen. For better or worse, the issue is server-side, so the best solution for players is to dismiss the error message and continue playing while the dev team sorts out server connection problems. To learn more about the latest free-to-play release from DeNA, be sure to drop by Shacknews' Pokemon Masters home page.

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