How to find all secrets in Man of Medan

Learn how to find all of the secrets and hidden items in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan.


If you’re planning on picking up the latest game from Until Dawn developer, Supermassive Games, then you’re going to find yourself with quite a bit to do. While the game offers a ton of replayability, there are also several secrets that players can find and acquire throughout their playthroughs. In this guide, we’ll help you locate each and every secret so that you can find out more about the nefarious goings-on that Alex and his friends run into in Man of Medan.

How to find all secrets in Man of Medan

There are a lot of secrets for players to find in Man of Medan, and the game does a very good job of rewarding you for your exploration. While the roster starts out fairly small, with just a few secrets scattered about here and there, others will require you to really look around and interact with things in the world.

It should go without saying, but this article will contain heavy spoilers for Man of Medan. Because of this, we only suggest continuing on reading if you don’t mind possibly having some of the game spoiled for you. This is your only warning.

How to find all secrets in Man of Medan

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s sink our teeth into all the secrets in Man of Medan. As with our all pictures and premonitions guide, we've broken down this guide based on chapters, so be sure to abide by that information when setting out.

Uninvited Guests

Flight Plan - Secret #30

The plane’s flight plan, the next secret on our list, can be found right after exiting the entry room of the wreck, look for a hole in the top area of the corridor. Julia can approach this, where you can choose to take off your dive equipment and try to grab something inside the tube. Choose to do so and then time the quick time event to grab the flight plan and learn a bit more about the wreck.

Anti-Aircraft Shell - Secret #49

This secret can be found after Julia and Alex make their way down into the wreck near the start of the game. Make your way through the first section of the wreck until you come to the long corridor with several light paths coming out of bullet holes in the side of the plane. If you approach the right side of the corridor you will be able to trigger an interaction and add this secret to your collection.

Man of Medan - Missing Lifeboat

Missing Lifeboat - Secret #40

After finding the Anti-Aircraft Shell, continue forward and look for an interaction point along the left-hand side of the corridor. Here you should be able to find a small alcove where one of the lifeboats that have been set up within the bomb racks is missing. Interact with the area to claim the secret and learn more about the plane’s setup.


During this chapter, make sure to keep Brad undetected aboard the Duke of Milan. Failure to do so will result in you being unable to play through the Finding Friends chapter later on, which is needed if you want to collect all of the secrets in the game. The trick to doing this is to make sure you do not fight back against the pirates when playing as Conrad, as this will trigger Brad being found.

Abandoned Ship

Guard Duty Note - Secret #26

While playing as Conrad or Fliss (if Conrad escaped on the speedboat you'll do this section as Fliss) make your way down the corridors as you are led by the pirates. Along the way, you should spot a letter off to your right (left of the characters as you move towards the camera). Interact with it and turn it over to claim it for your collection.

Man of Medan - Guard Duty Note


1947 Newspaper - Secret #44

While playing as either Fliss or Conrad, after being trapped in the room by the pirates, look around the room for this newspaper on the center table.

Private Miller's Letter - Secret #28

This secret can also be found in the room where the pirates trap you. Look for the desk that Julia is sitting on and approach it. Pick up the paper here and turn it over to claim this secret.

An Escape

Guard Duty Roster - Secret #14

Found while playing as Conrad or Alex (you'll play as Alex if Conrad escaped on the speedboat). After escaping the room the pirates locked you in, head into the first room on your left. Look for this document inside and then turn it over to claim it for your secrets collection.

Private Reed's Letter - Secret #45

This secret can be found in the same corridor as the last item. At the end of the corridor, take the left-hand turn into the restroom. Inside you can find a document beside the last toilet. The document is laying on the floor.

Man of Medan - Engineer's Logbook

Engineer's Logbook - Secret #7

Continue back down the main path after grabbing the last secret item. If you proceed forward, you should find yourself crossing over a bridge with a wooden console at the end. Resting on the console is this logbook, which you can open and read to add to your collection.

Journal - Secret #11

While still playing as Alex or Conrad, continue forward across the bridge and through the doorway. This will lead you to another room where you can find a book resting on a table to the left. Open the book and read through the pages to add this secret to your collection.


Catering Staff Schedule - Secret #23

Playing as Alex, continue through the chapter until you reach a big kitchen area. Head to the wall in the bottom left portion of the screen and you should see a big piece of paper plastered along the side of the room. Interact with it to claim this secret.

Diary - Secret #1

Head out of the big kitchen in this chapter and make your way into the next room. Here you can peruse the pages of a book on a nearby table to claim another secret item.

Casket Nameplate - Secret #22

Continue moving forward as Alex until you come to the room with the four caskets. Inspect the first casket on the right to find this secret.

Man of Medan - Casket Nameplate

Open Casket - Secret #23

In that same room, interact with the first casket on the left to find another secret.

Locked Casket - Secret #13

While still in the room with the caskets, head over and inspect the second casket on the left to grab this collectible.

Small Casket - Secret #35

The final secret in this room can be found by interacting with the second casket on the right side. This will also trigger a secret collectible.

Terrified Corpse - Secret #18

While looking around some more, you'll find yourself traveling through the medbay area. There are a lot of beds around this area and as Alex passes one, he'll inspect it leading to an argument with Julia. After a little back and forth, continue through the door directly ahead (not the door that Julia and Conrad walk through). This will lead you to a new room, the medical operations room, where you'll find a corpse on the floor in the corner. Approach and interact with the corpse to grab this secret.

Electrocardiogram Results - Secret #39

The next secret on our list is found in the same room as the last secret. From the terrified corpse, look to your left to find a piece of paper with several test results written on it. Inspect the paper to add it to your collection.


Medan Hat - Secret #41

This secret can be found while playing as Fliss as the pirate named Danny escorts her through the ship. Continue following the main path until a cutscene triggers where Danny thinks he sees someone with a hat on. The figure turns out to just be a pile of rubble and Danny knocks the hat to the side. If you pick it up and inspect it afterward, you'll unlock a secret and learn more about the ghost ship.

Screaming Corpse - Secret #16

Continuing on as Fliss, she and Danny will come across another corpse that appears to be screaming. After a short cutscene where Danny remarks about the corpse's ghost still being onboard, walk up and interact with it to trigger another secret.

Man of Medan secret - Dog Tag

Dog Tag - Secret #32

After getting free of Danny, continue forward until you reach a small cargo area with several trucks and boxes strewn about. Move forward until you come to a set of corpses at the end of the area. Inspect the glimmering dog tag next to the body to claim another secret.

Finding Friends

NOTE: You must have kept Brad hidden on the Duke of Milan in order to play through this chapter. Failure to keep him undetected will result in you being unable to grab the secrets in this section.

Hastily Written Message - Secret #21

You play as Brad throughout this chapter. After opening up the first door on the ship, head up the stairs and to the end of the long corridor above. Look for a room off to the right and head inside of it. There's a note on the table that you can interact with here.

Infantry Badge - Secret #43

Backtrack a little from the last collectible and make your way back down the corridor to the door you entered the ship through. There's a room to the right here that you can enter. Doing so will trigger a cutscene showing a group of corpses with frightened faces. Inspect the corpse on the left to find this secret.

Locks Memo - Secret #4

Head through the room with the corpses in all the lockers and make your way to the room where you have to push a box against a wall to climb over it. Make sure you explore the lockers fully to grab the gas mask (you'll need it later) and then look for the door close to the box that you pushed over to the wall. If you open the door and head inside you'll find a note on the table. Grab it to add it to your collection.

Radio Operation's Memo - Secret #19

After climbing over the wall, head into the next area and wait for the loading screen to trigger. You should find yourself on the upper floor of a cargo area at this point. Walk to the left-hand area of the screen where you can see the two corpses and investigate the corpse on the box to find a piece of paper that doubles as a secret.


Grabbing all of the secret items in this chapter will require you to be quick.

Chemical Leak - Secret #38

As Fliss, head into the ballroom and ignore everything. Move through the room to the back of the stage area, where you can go into a door that leads to a small lever that you can trigger. Pull the lever then head through the opened curtains and past the casket through the door in the back. This leads outside. After a short cutscene, head back inside and then you'll find that the pristine ballroom is now a dusty old cargo hold and the casket has now become a stack of crates. Inspect the crates to trigger a secret.

Man of Medan - Chemical Leak

Broken Wires - Secret #37

Continuing back through the cargo hold, inspect the broken wires on the wall above the water to trigger another secret.

Cargo Ship Manual - Secret #47

The final collectible in this room can be found sitting on a barrel across from the broken electrical wires in the cargo hold with the crates. Grab the document to claim the secret.


This chapter is only available if Fliss goes outside in Ritual and Brad finds the Gas Mask during Finding Friends.

Ghost Rumours Report - Secret #25

While playing as Fliss, after she reunites with Brad, a short cutscene will play, sending the two scurrying to climb a ledge after water begins to burst through the wall. Before doing so, stop and interact with the corpse on the floor of this room to trigger another secret and learn more about the ghost ship incident.

Glamor Girl

This chapter is only available if Fliss and Brad do not recognize each other at the end of Ritual.

Water Purification Plant Map - Secret #5

As Conrad, check the first room to your left after you regain control to find this map.

Man Overboard Search Orders - Secret #9

From the room with the map, look for the next room to the right of the corridor and look for these search orders inside.

NOTE: the next set of secrets can only be found in the Shared Story online cooperative mode.

Cargo Bill of Landing - Secret #15

Playing as Fliss: As soon as the player gains control, look for this item on the table to the left.

Violent Incident Report Sheet - Secret #31

Playing as Fliss: In the second room to the right, look for this secret on the table.

Manchurian Gold Test Results - Secret #17

Playing as Fliss: In the last room, with a locked safe on the floor, look for the key on the table close to it. Use the key to open the safe and grab this secret before you continue on.

Distress Signal

Anti-Aircraft Shell Casing - Secret #50

Playing as Alex: Head up the weather deck and look for a wooden crate off to the left. If you look on top of the crate you can find this collectible waiting to be claimed.

Gas Mask Instructions - Secret #3

From the wooden crate with the Anti-Aircraft Shell Casing, head forward and take the turn that veers to the right. Here you should spot a large crate that you can open up. Inside you'll find a man with a gas mask. If you look inside you can find a piece of paper that acts as a new collectible. Keep in mind, this has to be found before you climb the ledge up from the weather deck.

Ship's Logbook - Secret #42

After climbing up the ledge from the weatherdeck, head up the stairs and push your way inside the ship again. Inside the very first room, look for this logbook on the table.

Man of Medan - Nautical Chart

Nautical Chart - Secret #6

While still playing as Alex, look for the large map on the wall inside the second room after you push into the ship once more. You can see the various pegs and paths that the ship took. 

Navigator's Notebook - Secret #10

From the same room as the Nautical Chart, look for the piece of paper on the table nearby to grab this collectible. Make sure to collect it before you head into the radio room.

Radio Operator's Final Message - Secret #29

Enter the radio room and look for the letter by the corpse. Make sure to grab it before you get too close to the radio as this will trigger a cutscene.


Minutes of Meeting - Secret #48

While playing as any character (you can choose who goes down the hole to investigate), look out for the Sick Bay are along the corridor wall. Continue past it to find the brig, where you can now access an item that was originally locked in a safe during the game's prologue.

Private Patterson's Medical Record - Secret #27

After the last secret, continue down the corridor and enter the first aid area at the back. Grab the note off the table before moving to the catwalk.

Man of Medan - Private Patterson's Medical Record

Engine Room Telegraph Log - Secret #8

After you drop down the ladder into the engine room, look for a book behind the engine. Make sure to grab it before you reach the generator.

Military Orders - Secret #34

You'll need to be quick to grab this one. After witnessing Olson stab Danny, stick nearby and don't move yet. Pass the pulse QTE and then head into the next room. When in the room with Danny, immediately look to the corner and grab this document to collect it. There's a timer here so make sure to grab it as soon as possible.


This secret is extremely easy to miss, and you'll need to make sure that Julia and Conrad stay behind at the radio in Distress Call to be able to grab it.

Casket Shortage Memo - Secret #36

After hearing a gunshot, head down to investigate it. Head through the area into a room with a ton of bunk beds and look for this memo to the right of the locked door at the end of the room.

Matters of the Heart

To find this secret both Brad and Julia must go down the whole and everyone else must stay behind at the radio room.

Top Secret Intelligence Note - Secret #2

After the QTE to jump over the gap, you'll witness Olson's death in a cutscene. As you walk through the kitchen towards his body, look for a document on the ground. Grab it to add it to your collectibles.

The next set of secrets can only be grabbed during the Shared Story online mode. You'll need Brad and Julia to have gone down the hole in the radio room. Then, during Matters of the Heart, make sure to complete the QTE event to jump the gap. After this, the second player will take control of Fliss, who will be able to grab the next three collectibles.

Diplomatic Immunity Contract - Secret #46

As soon as the second player takes control of Fliss, head through the door and outside to the deck of the ship. Here you can access another room with this document inside.

ID Badges and Documentation - Secret #12

This next secret is found in the same room as the last secret.

Toxins Research - Secret #33

This collectible is also found in the same room as the last two secrets.

We’ll continue to update this guide with new secrets as we find them. There are tons of items that are hidden around the world in Man of Medan, so don’t be afraid to look around and explore. For more help, head back over to our Man of Medan guides hub.

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